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Panic Attacks

I am just finishing a couple of days of panic attacks and the phsyical toll they take.  They started in 2000 and the first time I thought I was dying and I went to the ER.  The ER doctor told me what it was and that it was not something to be ashamed of.  Well he did not tell me that it could come back and come back and it lasted about one week.  So I of course thought it was something else and that I was dying.  I went to my reg. doctor at the time and they treated me like I was crazy (which I was acting like I was) and told me to go home and take something.  So I rode it out.  It happened again in 2001, a couple of times and finally I went to a new doctor after the fact and he is great, put me on Celexa, which seems to hold things at bay.  Well I had another episode May 2004 and again I thought I was dying.  I called his office and everyone was great but I was able to stay home.  My husband does not understand what I am feeling - I don't think anyone can unless they have experienced it.  I researched what it was and with the advent of the Internet was able to find out more on what I experiencing and that I was not a freak.  Well when it happened this time I knew what it was and tried to handle it for two days and today I called my doctor and he was out of town.  I just need something to help me sleep so that I could combat this and not be exhausted.  As you can see I am still rambling.  My primary question to you is are there any live room or on-line chat groups where I can log on while experiencing this so I can talk to others.  I feel like the way people look at me while this is going on does not help.  I am sure when I am over these in the next couple of days, I will think I do not need it.  So I am asking now to store away when I need it, which I hope does not happen again.  Thank you
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just message me if you wnat ot talk its not quite a chat room but I will listen sometimes that is what we need to do is to talk through this.message me anytime.Love Venora
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hi im new to this and dont know what to do ...lol
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