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Possible to take Effexor, Lexapro, and a stimulant?

Hello - this is my first post.  I started Effexor 3 years ago and my doctor gradually increased it to 225mg.  When it wasn't helping as much as it used to, I saw a psychiatrist who advised that I continue the Effexor (same dosage) and add Lexapro 1xday 10mg.  He also prescribed Ambien for insomnia and Ativan for panic attacks.  I feel better as far as anxiety goes but symptoms of depression are very much still there.  I have no energy at all.  No motivation.  If it were up to me, I would stay in bed all day.  Would a stimulant be helpful in my situation?  I understand there are some contraindications for example with Effexor and Adderall.  Are there other options?  
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If you're saying the Effexor was working well for your depression but isn't anymore, it may be it's tapped out -- these drugs do poop out on many people.  The only solution for that is to change meds.  (if you do that, do it very slowly, as slowly as you need to).  Now, you're taking one stimulating med (Effexor, which increases adrenaline and for that reason can increase anxiety), one sometimes sedating and sometimes stimulating med (Lexapro, which is a low dose and has to be because you're now taking two meds that target serotonin which can be dangerous) and two downers -- ambien and Ativan.  So of course you're going to lose energy from when Effexor was working because Effexor is artificially stimulating.  Can't tell you where to go from here, but if your main drug has tapped out, you just have to move on.  Talk to your psychiatrist about that.  
I should add, if these other drugs are new to you, you might get used to them, but if this stew of drugs isn't working, well, better to find one that dose that a stew.  
And I should have added, if they are new to you, you should give it some time to see if it works but don't wait more than a month and a half or two months so it won't be so hard to stop.  
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