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Side effects from medication

Hi my questions is i recently came of medication from my depression after a long time of taking medication. and i been having so weird side effect i think from it. i have not been able to switch off ( Go to sleep) its been like this for the last couple of days does anyone know if this is a normal thing?

I need some advice on how to get my sleeping pattern back on track

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To offer any advice you would really need to post what antidepressants you were taking, for how long, and at what dosage.

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Hello there! maybe if you are taking those meds for quite a long time, maybe your body get used to it.  so don't give ur body a shock. take it slowly in taking off from ur meds.  Cause a sudden withdrawal I think from ur usuals would really give such an impact.  ahm, try to ask your primary physician about it.  
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These medications generally need to be tapered off slowly, some more than others, because they frequently cause withdrawal symptoms.  How severe they are and how long they last are individual to the person.  This is something your psychiatrist should have discussed with you in advance.
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