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Thyroid Underactive/ Blood Results - Depression

Hi It's Lorraine
Just hoping my clever friend M4YOU and you other clever people could help me understand these blood results!!
TSH is 0.33
T4 is 15.6
Serum Free 5.0
Peroxidase Antibodies 3
Sure you'll be able to decipher these results and enlighten me as to whats going on in my body!!
Kind Regards
Lorraine x
2 Responses
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It would probably be a good idea to also have your Frees tested. FT3 and FT4. TSH alone is not always the best indicator of thyroid problems. Yours is pretty low though so something is going on with that.
What symptoms were you having to make your Dr give you a thyroid test? Yes, some times low thyroid can mimic depression, or make existing depression worse.
I'm sure some of the other members here can better help you with these results. Take care. Remar
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You'd probably do better on the thyroid forum.
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