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Wellbutrin....how long till starts working?

I'm the generic 150mg. extended release(1x day) Day 9 Feeling desperate...

*Depression from pain and ptsd due to a car accident this year.
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When did you start? It can take up to 8 weeks for the full effect but everyone is different. I gave it the full 8 weeks trial, but it couldn't stay working well after 4 PM. Until then the day could be any mix of anxiety which I fought using Ativan as sparingly as possible, because I didn't want to use up my quota.
Around 4 PM, no matter the setting, it was like my day of agitation would melt away and in would march a much worse gloom and fear. On Celexa I got relief in 1 week, although there are lots of people who have the opposite story as mine, so you just have to see how it goes. Also, talk to your pharmacist if you have questions, because they are trained + see so many people on these meds.
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I took wellbutrin years ago and don't remember it doing anything but help me quit smoking.  I recently started taking Prozac and could tell a difference the first day and it just continued to get better after that. I would try Prozac or other SSRI.
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Ignore that misinfomed advice from Tanker because WB is prescribed for anxiety. Also don't stop meds without consulting your doc because she might want you to trial it a bit longer.
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my understanding is it is used to treat depression,but they have in the past used it to aid in people quitting smoking(under the name zyban or something like that). Anyway, I've never smoked and I plan on sticking with this for depression a while longer and speaking to my doc.

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Yes it was used for depression in the FDA trials, but my pharmacist said that anxiety and depression go hand in hand feeding off each other. You can start with one and end up with them both, which is what I had 4 years ago. That is why a doc will prescribe it for people with anxiety too.
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yes, I would def agree anxiety and depression go hand and hand.
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SSRI are often prescribed to treat anxiety as well depression. I know I'm right because I googled it!!

Birdie, do they have a medication for rudeness and meanness?? If so, you should try it!!
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Furthermore her original comment was that she was "depressed"
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You posted that you don't remember WB doing anything but stop smoking. (I am wondering now if you were referring to your personal experience and tried to use it to both stop smoking which worked and anxiety/depression which didn't work for you. Correct?) Perhaps I misunderstood your post because 41 minutes ago you are posting that SSRI are used for anxiety and depression, so you are actually agreeing with me.
This is an anxiety forum and I am pointing out that WB is a drug prescribed for depression, which goes hand in hand with anxiety. You also told third to try another med after day 9, but my doc said that is not long enough for a trial. Any rudeness was not intended, because I was merely pointing out that your advice was wrong, although in future I will go into detail as to why to avoid this kind of situation.
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Based on you starting Dec 2, and using the max effect time is around Dec 23 if this is your med.


You may not feel the full antidepressant effect of WELLBUTRIN XL® for several weeks.
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This is a depression forum and how can I be wrong or misinformed if I'm speaking of my own personal experience.

My own personal experience is that Wellbutrin did nothing for me other than help me stop smoking. That was not the purpose of me taking it, just the only benefit I got from it.

My own personal experience with Prozac is that the benefits started first day and it continued to get better from then on.

Based on my own person experience.. It is my own personal and informed opinion that if u have not gotten any relief after 9 days you might consider talking to your dr about switching to an SSRI because they work great for depression.
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I'm not debating when you would get full effects from the drug.. They say the same thing about Prozac.. I'm mearly pointing out the fact that I got "some" benefit right away.  If you are feeling desperate why suffer any longer than you have to. If you are not feeling "any" relief after 9 days.. There are plenty other options out there. Why wait 8 weeks and then decide you have suffered for nothing. Dr r there to help. Talk to them.
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