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a statement about medications

Time after time I see these questions depression and the medications. To be frank, it's driving me nuts. Depression is a way for the body to cry out for help. You aren't crazy!! So get that out of your mind now. This could mean that your body is lacking something, perhaps it has too much of something. Depression, anxiety, etc can even be signs of a food intolerance! Sound crazy? Believe it! Our bodies aren't lacking a medication, that is just ridiculous. It's just covering the problem up.

Quit your ranting is probably what you're thinking right? Okay. So what can you do? Find the problem. A hair analysis can tell you your mineral, vitamin, and heavy metal levels in your body. It may not be cheap, but it tells you things about your body that the doctors may not even consider. Second, seek out an allergen specialist. It may be out of the way, but they can pinpoint what foods your body can and cannot tolerate, and it may shock you. 1 in 133 people have a wheat intolerance. The majority of those who do don't even know it. So find out where your problems really lie.

Note: In no way am I insulting or saying that doctors are stupid. They are not. I just believe that they often go the wrong route when it comes to treatments. This is my personal opinion.

Good Luck to everyone who is searching for answers.
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Depression can be as simple as a lack of something, too much of something else etc. But remember that it could be something else. It can truly be something related to family history (genes). Depression tends to run in families. It can be something as simple as a seasonal depression or it could be a more complicated disorder like a major depression with suicidal intention or manic depression that could be dangerous for someone being undiagnosed.

The way to start with depression is trying to find the underlying cause like stated above but I insist on seeking the help of a qualified psychologist to get a diagnosis and don't hesitate to try different psychologist when in doubt. Differential diagnosis are commonly seen therefore this is why the information stated by EavalynK is good as you want as many tools in your toolbox to fix the problem.

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You make some really good points.
Everyone with severe anxiety and/or depression should be checked for vitamin deficiency.
The 'B' vitamins are critical to your nervous system and levels can be checked thru simple blood tests.  Most people get adequate amounts of vitamins from their diets but it should be checked out.
You do need to be cautious however with vitamins and other 'supplements'.  We are frequently given the impression that 'you can't have enough' of them and they can never hurt you, but this is incorrect.   A number of years ago, having read about niacin and how 'it can help you out of depression'  I bought some and took a pill or 2 before bedtime.   I awoke a few hours later after a nightmare that my bed was on fire!!   I got up and my entire body was 'beet red' like I had a severe sunburn and I felt like I was on fire!  :-)   It took some time before I realized what was happening to me and it was an UNPLEASANT experience to say the least.  It was FAR worse then any I have had from medications and I've taken plenty.
It opened my eyes to use caution with these as you would with meds.
I get B12 shots every 2 months now and do have low levels of it in my blood.  I'm told my nervous system needs it, but I haven't noticed any benefit from it.
But in any case, good post Eavlynnk - Thanks!
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the pharmaceutical industry is greedy and all about money...and i am sure the govt has a hand in it.  the easiest way to solve a 'problem' in america is a pill.  and that is so wrong and sad.
to the original poster you should go read my thread called does anyone notice? please read
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I have researched depression extensively as I suffer from the condition and it runs rampant throughout my family.  As a father of young children I find it imperative to know how to help them through the very real possibility that they may suffer from it as well.  In fact, my 11 year son shows very strong signs of it already.  I have found regular exercise to be the best medicine.  Strength training has always worked best for me.  It's not easy because some days it literally takes everything I have to pull myself out of bed in the morning, but I have found this to work better than any drug I've been prescribed for it.  Something to think about.
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There are many kind of depressions. Some mild depressions respond very well to exercise while other more intense depression does not respond well at all to exercise. It is surely a good thing to try exercising tho while having depression.

Just a note about the medications and pharmaceutical industry in respond to

''the pharmaceutical industry is greedy and all about money...and i am sure the govt has a hand in it.  the easiest way to solve a 'problem' in america is a pill.  and that is so wrong and sad(...)''

Yes the lobbying is very powerful but think about it wisely and what would people with diabetes would do without insulin? How about cancer pain or severe chronic pain without morphine? How about shizophrenia and other mental disorders without antipsychotics and mood stabilizers? May I skip some because the list of condition that requires medication is extremely long. People are mad at the pharmaceutical industry and petrol industries but the fact is that until we have other solutions (there are already hundreds of solutions to both in development and technology is evolving at an exponential growth=more changes, faster, each year) we still need medication to manage medical conditions and we still need fuel in our cars.

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I have read quite a few of the posts here.  I am having a worse day than usual.  Every day, I am so very nervous and anxious, every day I wonder why God forces me to keep living and why he won't take me home.  Every day I pray before I go to sleep that I won't wake up and every day when I do wake up with a panic attack and the deep depression it's hard not to off myself.  If there are medications that will allow me to live a normal life and not live in complete misery.  I would be more than willing to take them, I don't care if there were withdrawals, because if they worked I would be willing to take them as long as I live.

I don't want to sound dramatic, but when you have lived almost an entire life as miserable and painful as mine, .....anyway, I am sure that these medications are god sends to many people.

That's just my opinion and every one is entitled to one.  Thank you
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