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celexa vs cymbalta

I just went through a traumatic event.  I was hospitalized for mental trauma.  I was put on celexa and trazadone along with xanax that I take for anxiety that ive always had.  My question is... everyone i talk to says that cymbalta will also help with the pain i have in my spine from herniated disc and arthritis and bone spurs.  I dont know that Im depressed,  I am just a panic in public and with sudden noises and movement puts me over the edge.
Is it true about cymbalta?  And does either give you weight gain?
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Yes it is true that Cymbalta helps with pain, it is often used to help people coming off strong painkillers, I don't know the full details though.
It sounds like you have been prescribed the anti depressants to help with the anxiety, as they treat both. Both Celexa and Cymbalta have an effect on appetite, mostly loss of appetite but I'd say Cymbalta would be least likely to gain weight, we are all different, however, and what drug makes one person gain weight could have the opposite effect on someone else.
Good luck, I hope you feel better soon..
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Thank you for the info and the well wishes.  I am normally a very strong person but this
just put me over the edge. It feels like this feeling will never go away.
And dealing with pain normally is bad but everything seems so magnified.  Like an exposed nerve. Anticipating when its going to be striked and the minute  you let your guard down even a little some normally silly thing sets me into a tail spin.
But thank you I appreciate the input.  
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