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i recently got off lexapro and have been expiriencing hell of a time. now the "zaps" are almost gone and i don´t cry everyday, but i have lack of desire for anything, lack of concentration, no joy, no energy, no patience. i live in spain and the doc here prescribed denubil- 180mg heptaminol and 250mg deanol- i am having hard time finding much info on this med on line. does anyone know much ( anything ) about it? side effects, save, what it is used normaly for? any information will be much appreciated.
thank you!
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I've had a hard time as well, Euro pharmaceutical markets are different.  I would speak with your pharmacist - that's probably the easiest way to go.  All the info about Denubil is in spanish. It looks like there is quite a bit.  Deanol seems to be a type of stimulant used for ADD.  I honestly think it's easier for you to a search, try Google.
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That sounds like low grade deppression sneaking in, I get the same way even on some meds. I'm not sure about those drugs you are going on, but normally it takes 4-6 weeks to feel anything. In the mean time, it would be good if you did some self-care. What I mean by that is ensuring you keep a good sleep schedule, don't over sleep , that will make your moods worse. Get out of bed, even if you are feeling rough, lying in bed will make you feel worse. Take a walk, even if it's just to do an errand. Pamper yourself, do something for yourself that you wouldn't normally do. ( I do pedicures now). Don't give yourself high expectations like I have to clean my house by tonight or....,  make them small attainable goals.  You should do this on meds anyways, the meds help you become more balanced so you can retrain yourself to be more functionable!
I hope this helps,
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Why did you quit Lexapro? Was it not working?
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thanks to all for writing. yes, looks like denubil is something used to help with concentration. since i live in a strictly "weekends off" country , i won´t be able to get near the pharmacist until mañana... then i will ask. thanks again,
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