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Kindly note that my present age is 41. When I was about 6 or 7 years old my father got schizophrenic attack. His condition was very horrible. Anytime he could turn violent and we were leaving with uncertainty.

Till the age of 10 – 11 I was not even an average child. I was not able to concentrate in the class room. Whatever teacher is teaching in the classroom I didn’t know and I was always in some other world. But suddenly after my age of 13 everything was changed. My mind had become very sharp. If I have to learn 2-3 pages or more I could learn and better understand the things, my mind had become very sharp and such sharp that I even couldn’t sleep sometimes at night (though, I still had difficulties in doing maths). I got some mental abilities also like increase of will power, self confidence etc. How it all happened that I still don’t know.

But unfortunately between the age of 18 – 19 everything started changing. I was becoming dull day by day. I was always feeling drowsiness and even if I get enough sleep at night the drowsiness state was always there. Slowly I was feeling that something has been filled in my brain especially on the right side. There came a stage when I was feeling an upward pressure in my brain like in the case of hypertension. I also felt that there occurred swelling in the brain and much more on the right part including my right chick. It was just like a balloon is pressed at one end and all the pressure comes to another end. I even could not sleep for a few days. I was having fear, phobia etc. I also had problem in studying, learning things, having problem in concentrating. I met many doctors (general physicians) but could not get any medical help.

Just a year before I discussed my problems with my cousin who is also a doctor. He suggested me to meet a psychiatrist. I did so, and the psychiatrist said this is all due to depression and started anti depressant medicine which I consumed for about a year. I am feeling some changes but still not cured totally. And I want to be fully normal.

Now finally I would request you to kindly go through my above problem and do the needful.

Thanks & regards,
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Taking medication is not always a cure all. Are you in counseling? If not it might be a good idea to do so.
Your been on your medication for a year so it could be time to increase your dose. Only you and your Dr can decide if this is necessary.   Remar
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hey there i completely understand what you are feeling i myself am 20 years old and although im young ive dealt with alot i suffered with severe depression this year which caused alcholism and bouts of ending up in hopsital taking too much meds im not shy about this subject..i was given antidepressants by my doc and saw no results ive seen professionals ive done everything...the best thing ive ever done is stop drinking and stop taking the meds...silly little things like working getting up early eating 3 proper meals a day and choosing the right people to be around helped me alot...i now work attend the gym and go to college!im not ever going to be completly happy but the first thing ppl with depression need to do is understand it and accept it...medication is just a quick fix and most of the time makes things so much worse...maybe some social clubs getting up early with a routine and interacting with ppl can do a world of good maybe a gym or something???its never too late to change things...be positive and things will get much better!
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