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I am sure now my head ache comes from my nerves.  does anyone know?  through this last week other than family.  my icemaker quit working called sears he had to order the part.  we were washing clothes and my washing machine quit working with clothes in it.  I don't  feel good.  my niece had surgery on her arms.  plastic surgery to remove the flab under her arms.  she has no insurance.  I gave her the money.  sshe was so depressed I took it from her inheritance and she used money from her savings she had at walmart.  both cats died. the yard needs to be mowed.  her left arm is not healing it cost her 70.00 for her infection meds.  the right arm looks good.  no one has even mentioned my birthday which I had rather forget.  it will be monday the 13th. my niece lost her job. there os a lot more.  im sure no one cares.  boring  my life is so boring.  that is whyi cannot sleep and am sitting here writing instead of sleeping,
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Yes, your headaches could be coming from stress. They say when it rains it pours. It seems like sometimes too many things happen at once and it can be so overwhelming.
Happy early birthday! Do something special for yourself. Take yourself shopping, out to dinner, to a movie. Or, you can invite someone to go with you.
You may want to see your Dr about the headaches. I'm pretty sure they're coming from stress, just like you think they are. Talk to your Dr about how you're feeling. To me, it sounds like you have possible depression going on. I'm not a Dr so I can't say for sure. Many of the symptoms are there though.
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Sometimes we just get flooded with all the bad and the sad things that go on in our lives and in the lives of the people we love.  

First of all I want to say Happy Happy Birthday to you.....I do agree that you should do something just for yourself on Monday, maybe something even naughty like eating a big piece of cake or having an extra scoop of ice cream....The main thing is to just really stop and take a few minutes or hours to treat yourself good on this wonderful anniversary of your birth.

You may also want to think back on all the wonderful things that have happened to you in your life since you first made an entrance into this world.  You could even write them down and look and add to the list as the days go on.  It is very easy to look at the bad and the sad, when we think of the bright and beautiful, we actually use a different part of our mind and you might be surprised to find out that your list gets quite long.

Again, Happy Birthday and I wish you the very best that life has to offer

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more happened my commode chain broke.  2  repairmen in 3 days.  sears charged 85,00 just to drive here,  its less than 1 mile.  another place wanted 35,00 to come out and then they would take the 35,00 off the labor.  they never showed up.  we called another they charged 50.00 and came out on sunday mothers day.  he felt sorry for us gave15% off and did not charge extra for coming out. on a sunday and a holiday to boot.  i never went to sleep last night i am hurting my head is killing me.  as for as going somewhere today.  they talked me into selling moms car.{ she left it to me}. beside i would probably have a wreck or something. i wish i had a loving family like i used to have.  i miss my family so much. thank you for saying happy birthday.
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