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memory loss

I am on effexor and am experiencing memory loss.  I have been on it for years at  225 mg   I am a practicing bulimic, recovered alcoholic, ex smoker and exercise regularly.  I am 61 and eat right in the morning  and day, but the evenings are always shot.   my question is does antidepressive medicine cause memory loss?  thank you
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I have never heard of any antidepressants being associated with memory loss, but everyone reacts differently to these meds so I suppose anything is possible.

Are you sure this memory loss is not due to another medical condition you may not know about?

If it makes you feel any better, I used to take Effexor XR at 300Mgs a day for 4 years and did not have any lasting memory problems.

I can say that now that I am 40 I have noticed that I have a little trouble remembering many things. I can never remember peoples names or numbers. I also forget the location of places I have been to several times and must rely on my GPS to remind me.

Maybe it's just an age thing. They say memory is the first thing to go.
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It can, especially effexor. I was on effexor and was told that a side effect could possibly be memory problems, similar to taking benzos. I overdosed on my effexor as a suicide attempt and lost 3 months of my memory, the month before, the month I did it, and I don't remember the month after.
I still have memory problems from that, and it's almost been a year.
But yah, I was told by a doctor at the hospital when I went in to ask about it that effexor can do that.

Also though, you should take into account your age, and if you're missing a certain vitamin (which you might be if you're bulimic) it can also cause memory problems.
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Do you know what vitamin I should be taking?
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Thank you that feels better.  As I am in my senior years I am sure some of it is age related, I also was an alcoholic, 60's kid, smoker and bulimic.  I should be grateful I am still alive and kicking :)  Wish my memory was lost for those old days instead of the new days.  
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I'm about 90% sure that it's a lack of Vitamin B1 that causes the memory problems in alcoholics and people with eating disorders.
Also though just being depressed in general can make it harder for you to remember things, so it could just be that too.
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I am on efexor 150mg from last two years. recently I suffered from memoryloss,very low in mood, headache.
Some time feel hope less that can I ever get out of this medication?
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hi,  I have been on effexor for years.  I have tried other antidepressants and this works the best for me.  However I have to take 75mg 3 times a day.  I would suggest you talk to your doctor and ask to try something else.  I have to be on it forever as I come from a family history of alcoholism, depression and bipolar.  my doctor told me I am like a diabetic that has to take there insulin.  The extra dose has worked now for years.  hope this helped  
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I'm just a bit younger but similar history. Ex drinker and smoker. Effexor on and off over last 10 years. Memory issues? Usually around names and small things like that. Frustrating but no big deal. Yet. It's with things I see on Tv etc. You know the face but can't get the name. So have to race to the PC to Google the movie to see what the name is etc.

Is that Effexor? I don't think so. I think it's my age, the thrashing I gave it for so long with alcohol and cigarettes and the green tobacco too.

Interestingly though I looked it up on rxlist and found no mention of memory loss but it does mention amnesia. Read here :


It only mentions amnesia once and has no details or data at all. Perhaps they forgot??

On the other hand Wikipedia quotes a study of 70 people here :


as showing high memory loss with increased dose. I wouldn't regard a 70 person study as significant though, would you? Particularly the doses they mention, right to the top of the used range, 600 mgs. To be prescribed that dose your depression would be extreme and the effect of extreme depression on memory is also....extreme.

I was on 550 mgs FX 10 years back and at that timne I couldn't read books as I did not retain the story from page to page. That's memory loss.

Today? No problem at all reading books except when I get very down.

So to me FX did not affect my memory but the alcohol, cigarettes and green probably did and certainly the illness itself does at times. No question to me that depression itself is the main culprit for memory loss or just difficulties bringing to the front things you know well. Just can't spit 'em out.

Don't forget the benefits of memory loss either!! You only need to buy one movie CD!!!
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