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more a rant then a question---depression stopped by Jesus

Okay,  First of all I am a Catholic I do believe in god and I usually go to church..... but finding Jesus and confessing my sins does not relieve depression..... I am getting sick and tired of the same people posting in here in response to people that are depressed and feeling suicidal to go find jesus.... confess you sins ask for forgiveness and it will be all right.....

Religion has it's merits but it does not cure depression..... You should be advising people to get help with their struggle with depression not find Jesus.  My preist would even advise going to seek medical help.... Yeah he provides conselling and it helps but he would also encourage anyone feeling this way to seek medical treatment.  

Being a sinner or an athiest does not cause depression.  

I understand you are trying to spread the word of the gospel or what ever but it does not cure medical problems of any kind.  

And anyone feeling suicidal needs to seek immediate help from a trained professional.
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okay so i am a little pissy today...
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I agree with you. (not about being pissy)
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