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question of being over medicated

I take Wellbutrin 150 mg and 75 mg and 1 mg xanax in morning, afternoon 75mg wellbutrin & 1 mg xanax, evening 20 mg Clexa, 1 mg xanax.  Just started Clexa two weeks ago.  Have been feeling down for over a month, anxious, shaky, tremors and twitches in leg and eyes, feel like crying somewhat with drawn and times have to force myself to do things. Want to feel back to my old self.  I do not know where to go from here.  Will the Clexa help these feelings or has Wellbutrin ran its course in my system.  Please advise - need help....
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I don't think your over medicated.

Here's what I think is happening with you and your depression: (Keep in mind this is just my opinion) I am only going by what my long experience with treating my depression has taught me.

(1.) don't count on the Welbuterin to have any major theraputic effect on your symptoms of depression or Anxiety. Welbuterin only effects the reuptake of Doapamine in the brain and does very little to effect the key neurotransmitters responsible for Depression and anxiety. (in other words I'm saying Welbuterin is not a very effective Antidepressant.)
Again This is ONLY my opinion from direct experience with the drug and by talking to many Depressed people like me that have also been on the drug. I think Welbuterine may be effective for milder forms of Depression, but it doesn't do squat for Severe forms of Depression. (Again Just my opinion.)

(2.) About the Xanax. Here's the rule one should always follow when taking Xanax. THE LESS THE BETTER. Xanax is a very effective Anti-anxiety medication, BUT it was and NEVER is designed to be utilized over the long term. It's not a maintenence medication and should never be used as such.

(3.) About the Celexa. It a fine medication and is every bit as effective as any other SSRI on the market. You have only been taking it for two weeks. Expect anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks before the full theraputic effect of the Celexa takes hold. This kind of medication takes time to slowly build up theraputic levels in the system before a response can be realized. Celexa (after it kicks in) should also help with some of that anxiety too, which means that you can then lower that Xanax dosage.

You mentioned that your taking 3Mgs aof Xanax a day? That's too much. You must be exausted and sleepy all the time from this. Not to mention the exaustion that depression also brings to the table.

Xanax will not do a thing for Depression. In fact it can actually make depression worse is taken too often. If I were you I would cust back on that Xanax dosage by half or even less once that Celexa kicks in.

If your Depression is particularly stubborn (like mine) then you could always drop the Welbuterin for an SNRI. I have found that the combination of One SSRI (like Celexa) and one SNRI (like Effexor) can really do the trick for difficult depression and anxiety. (Yes an SSRI and SNRI can be taken in combination)

Either way I would suggest working on a plan with your doctor about trading out the Welbutrin for an effective SNRI or even a Tri-cyclic which can also be taken with Celexa.

Talk with your doc about that Xanax too. It's a Benzo and can be VERY habbit forming if left un checked.

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I was perscribed xanax 0.5mg 3x daily twelve years ago.Through the years I have also been perscribed about everything for depression,anxiety,ptsd,and bi-polar disorder alond with xanax. For the last 5-6 years I have been put on 2mg xanax 4x daily..I went to see a new primary care doctor and he flipped out on the dozage and how many years I have been on the xanax.He told me they were for short term use only.Well I Have been perscribed them for a total of 12yrs and at least 5-6yrs at this high of a doze.I'm affraid that the xanax my be contributing to my med issues now.Scared....Any advice or knowledge on thismatter that anyone would mind sharing? Thank You and God Bless...Kate
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