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what meds are good

My doc thinks I am depressed (which I probably am). The problem is I tried taking celexa before and I hated the way it made me feel (like a zombie) which makes me apprehensive about trying something else. My doc and I also believe that I might have a mild form of add, although no official diagnois yet. Is there a medication that could help with both of these conditions. My main problem is lack of modivation and restlessness.
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While lack of motivation and restlessness are two (of many) symptoms of depression, alone they are not a solid indicator that you are suffering from Major Depressive dissorder.

You were very breif with your actual symptoms. Can you elaborate more on what all of your exact symptoms are and for how long they have been present?

Celexa is an effective SSRI, but if your depression stems from Norephinepherine depletion in the brain, then I can understand why it was not much help for you.

Celexa only effects the neurotransmitter Serotonin and does little for the neurotransmitter Norephinepherine.

Are you having any issues with anxiety?
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Well side from the lack of motivation and restlessness, I sleep a lot, I procrastinate everything in my life, I don't really care about anything, I have trouble maintaining relationships, low self-esteem, negitive attitude...I could go on forever.

Yes I have anxiety issues and am currently on meds for that.

I just wish I could find something that would make more positive and motivated with out the zombie effect.
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Ok I see now.

My symptoms are much like yours. SSRI's are not a good bet for the constant exhaustion and fatuge symptoms of this kind of depression.

Have you tried Effexor XR? I had a damn good 4 years of total effectiveness with Effexor XR. It has a more (pick you up) sort of property to it than many other medications.

Skip the Cymbalta. Yes, it is also an SNRI like Effexor XR, but I and countless others have found it to be much less effective.

There is a reason Effexor XR makes Weith 3.5 Billion per year...."Because it works."

Effexor XR is the highest grossing AD medication of all time. Reason is not marketing, it works for many when SSRI's fail to produce a response.

If that fails then there are always Tri-cyclics to consider. Some of which also have a strong effect on Norephinephrine like Effexor XR.

IMPORTANT: If you do try Effexor XR....DO NOT GET THE GENERIC VENLAFAXINE! Big difference in terms of the release mechinism.

Venlafaxine hits too hard too fast because it has no slow release property like Effexor XR has.
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so Effexor is kind of like a mild stimulant like Wellbutrin cause I was kinda thinking about try that.
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Skip the Welbutrin Krissy.

It an ok add on medication, but if your symptoms are moderate to severe it will offer little relief on it's own.

Welbutrin primarily effects the Reuptake of Dopamine in the brain and does little for Norephinepherine depletion.

Not near as effective as Effexor XR. Yes, the discontinuation of Effexor can be a little rough, but would you trade several years of remission of your depressive symptoms for an eventual few weeks of withdrawl when and if it's time to stop Effexor XR?

I will take the several years of effectiveness anyday and suffer the few weeks of withdrawl when that time comes.

It's a trade off. If Effexor works for you then it could offer many years of effectiveness for you. It did for me. Yes, eventually it pooped out and I had to change AD medications and suffer the withdrawl, but I wouldn't trade those 4 years of remission for anything in the world.

Effexor takes time to work. Effective Dosages range from 75 to 300Mgs a day. Most people find relief at 150Mgs per day, but it takes several weeks to work so be patient with it. Start slow at 37.5, then step up to 75, then to 150. Each week raising the dosage until you hit 150Mgs. Keep at that dosage for several weeks. If more is needed then ask your doctor if 225Mgs or even 300Mgs a day would be the next step.

Most likly 150Mgs a day will do the trick. I had to take 300Mgs a day only because my Depression is very medication resistant. You may even find that 75Mgs a day is enough to produce a viable response for you.

Just depends on the persons biology and severity of the depression.

The goal is to find the optimum lowest effective dosgae. I tell some people to stick at 75Mgs a day for a few weeks. That way you can see if you level out and respond to that dosage. If not you can always try 150 a day and see if that produces a favorible response.

Yes, you will have side effects. In my case I will suffer any medication side effect not to deal with the Hellish rath that is my Severe Depression. You may not feel the same about this as I do. It all depends on just how bad your actual symptoms of depression really are.

It's a double edge sword and only you can decide if it's worth it.
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Straterra would be another option to consider.  It is FDA-approved for ADHD, but has anti-depressant properties as well.  Straterra inhibits the reuptake of norepinephrine.  Effexor inhibits reuptake of both serotonin and norepinephrine so it is kind of like a combo of Celexa and Straterra.  
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