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Fibers Pulling From Skin

I have a problem with picking my skin lately. While doing this I was using a needle and found that I could pull out cotton like fibers from underneath the skin. Basically anywhere on my body that I picked I could do this. It kinda grossed me out but mostly scared me. I do not think its that morgellons because I do not feel like there are parasites or do not see colorful fibers comming out out my skin i just see what looks like cotton fibers on the end of the needle when i have been picking. I created wounds by checking other parts of my body to see if it was there to. So these are not wounds that just showed up. The only thing I could think it may be are collagen fibers or elastin fibers from the dermis but I am not sure if they would be visible to the naked eye. But this has been bothering me alot can you shed some light on this?
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does no one have any information about this?
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i think i may know what these fibers are. i believe they are collagen fiber or other natural fibers of the skin. they also sometimes appear in scabs sometimes. but not scabs that form on their own just ones that i inflict from picking. and i read that scabs are made from fibers. if i am incorrect please inform me.
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I just pulled a fiber like this from a scab on my shoulder from surgery. It really bugged me out. It was white and looked more like a small cotton thread. When I pulled the "thread" it ripped the same way a cotton fiber would. So far, I've picked 4 separate small scabs with two cotton fiber roots each.

It's not Morgellins, it's a surgical scar, they aren't different colors and I don't feel like there are any bugs on or in my body. The scabs aren't just appearing either. They are from surgery.  

I honestly just want to know if this is normal? or what the fibers are...I am interested. Not scared. I dont' think I'm sick.
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I had the same thing and was curious as to what it was. I found this; http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/patientinstructions/000741.htm

Red the part where it talks about how scabs heal.

Thank goodness I know what it is now because the only reason I picked at it was because I thought something was wrong and I needed to be rid of the fibers. I hope this link helps you.
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I'm 32 & I've suffered from ingrown hairs since I my mid teens but for the last 5-6 months they have  gotten SIGNIFICANTLY worse. I thought it was because I have been taking hair skin & nail supplements for about the last 1.5 years but I stopped when I started to get ingrown eyebrow hairs. Quitting the supplements have not helped at all whatsoever. Never had an issue before with the hair around my nipples which I  usually pluck with no problem, but now I always have painful ingrowns around my nipples. It's gotten worse & now my happy trail hairs between my navel & hip bones are doing this too. My pubic area is the worst though & I'm trying to save enough money to get laze hair removal but until then I'm in severe pain & embarrassment as I am an independent contracted entertainer & it's affecting my ability to earn an income. This evening I have discovered something new with this condition, something pretty terrifying. When extracting yet another deeply impacted ingrown with tweezers I discovered what looked like cotton fibers coming out of the pore as I pulled slowly.  It's the most bizarre thing I've ever seen physically coming out of my body. I thought maybe I was hallucinating &/or mentally ill or both. I've also noticed over the same time period what what looks like eyeboogers in my eyes that stretch very long when I am wiping them out, in fact I am not wiping them out I am pulling them out. I'm perfectly fine with being crazy however what I am not cool with is having Morgellons disease  because it's not even really recognized  as an actual disease other than a mental disease &  don't want to waste any perfectly good promissory notes on some jerk telling me it's all in my head when I'm physically pulling them out of  areas where I grow thicker hair. I have a pair of binoculars with 70X  magnification & just a few weeks ago I saw what I thought were alien orbs! I studied the sky all day trying to see them again however I did not see the orbs I did see the strangest pink & green pearlescent spot in the clouds. In my excitement I got on YouTube & typed orbs & pearlescent clouds. To my horror & disbeliefI pulled up videos concerning CHEMTRAILS!  Conspiracy theory my ***! That's all the proof I need! Thanks to all you ******* doing this heinous ****, I still have to love you. Seriously, I truly hope you & your family are well, hating you won't make me a better person or heal my painful & scarring sores. I wouldn't wish this affliction on my worst enemy. Maybe we can be friends one day & laugh together over a beer. I'd really like that.
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Run out right now and buy a couple of tubes of Neosporin or generic. You can thank me later! Morgellons disease.
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I've also noticed that white fiber like stings have been coming out of my Poor's especially when I try to squeeze a zit or even recently I've had these bump like white dots in the lining of my eyelashes that tend to be anoying at times just to look at. Well I tried to scratch them off the other day which was a big mistake cuz all it did was cause my eyelids to puff up and be enflamed really bad. Then when it looked like it was close to piping I scratched at it again so it would deflate, big mistake because it started not only draining but drained all blood for what seemed like forever only to look more gross and disgusting and swell up once again. But I noticed when it was scratched with drainage white lil fibers could be seen. I also have long string like eye boggies in my eyes that seem to blob to the corners of my eyes every time is rub or scratch the bumps. I went to the drs for the 2nd time in a year and I don't even think he knew what my problem is he was  talking about it could be some sort of herpie or shingle of the eye which test said it was not. And he never explained what it is that I have just pink eye, my ass pink eye all he could give me was 4 different types of antibiotics, yes 4. I need a new Dr man
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