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HPV and aldara

Hello Everyone:

I have been taking Aldara cream for just over a month now to treat HPV genital warts.  The cream worked successfully on the warts on my anus almost immediately.  However, I have a number of other warts around my vagina (mostly on the outer lips) that have been less responsive to the cream.  I know that you can use the cream for up to 16 weeks and I have only been using it for 5 weeks, but I'm really nervous about these other warts not going away.  Also, when I use the cream it makes my left vaginal lip swell a lot and I have these red sore like dots that are on the inside of the lips (due to irritation from teh cream).  It is getting to be very painful and I want to know when you know if you should take a break from the cream adn if you take a break, does that affect the effectiveness of the treatment.  Other warts have appeared nearer to my clitoris, which concerns me because it is such a sensitive area.  Does anyone have any words of advice or reassurance..maybe any personal stories where yours went away...I just want this to go away. I feel so ugly and I haven't had sex with my boyfriend in almost 6 months...That's how long i've had these warts and I can't seem to get rid of them.  When some go, others appear...Pls help.
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www askapatient. com has many posts on HPV and aldara side effects and may be helpful.

BTW someone with HPV is more likely to get anal cancer so keep on top it that. You might make sure your doctor does digital rectal exams. Good luck.
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I also used Aldara, my friends recommend it and it's work for my warts that on my skin. I got onlu redness, pain and itchess when the warts almost go. For you, did you put it to much? Coz when my friend said should put it not over 3 times a week and don't put it to thick on the warts. now, i got it better  just 4 weeks :) you can find more information on www.emedzone.com ( i brought it from them ... good prized )
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