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Hard skin bottom of big toe

I work and stand on concrete 8hrs a day. There is hard skin with like something in it under the skin on the bottom of one of my big toes. It is painful. I can slice the hard skin off down to the core or what ever it is like under the skin. But the hard skin comes back. Anyone have a clue what it is or a proven diy remedy to do away with it? I apologize if wrong place to ask. Please delete if not allowed.
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Hi, Hard skin can be caused by repeated pressure and friction against your skin, resulting in corns or calluses. It most often occurs on your hands and feet from activities such as walking or running in tight shoes, or even standing in one place, you possibly, unknowingly, are placing your weight more on that side, thus, causing more thickening of the skin. To help keep it from forming all the time, try these suggestions:

    wear thick, cushioned socks.

    wear wide, comfortable shoes with a low heel and soft sole that do not rub.

    use soft insoles or heel pads in your shoes.

    soak corns and calluses in warm water to soften them.

    regularly use a pumice stone or foot file to remove hard skin.

    *moisturize to help keep skin soft. This one is very important.  Try applying heavy moisturizing creams or petroleum jelly, such as Vaseline, to callused areas and leaving it on overnight. This can help soften the calluses and prevent the skin from drying out. Wearing cotton  socks after moisturizing can also help protect the area and lock in moisture while sleeping.

I hope these ideas and suggestions help some.
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