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I am having a Major Bacterial/Fungal/STD? Issue, PLEASE HELP!

I am 22 yeas old, uncircumsiced, also pretty sure I have mildly-severe phimosis. I have never had full intercourse but have received oral from the few partners I've had over the past 3 years. For the past year or so, I've had these three big white pimple-like bumps on my foreskin, I did some research and concluded that these were penile papules (maybe fordyce spots??).

For the past 2 months I've been seeing a new person and she says she's free of STDs and we've never had sex, I've just gotten oral about 10 or 12 times. Also, she has a slightly bumpy, rash around the right side of her mouth, but when I asked she said it was just a sun burn (could it be fordyce spots or molluscum contagiosum??) Anyways, I've noticed more white pimple like bumps on my foreskin over the past 2 months I've been seeing her. Also my foreskin has become dry and rough (somewhat scaly) on the sides (I am also pretty sure this is Balanitis), but I guess I've been masturbating a little more a maybe rougher, so I just attributed the dryness to this and have been applying Jock Itch cream on the spots for a couple weeks on and off, and it just seems to dry the skin out around it mostly.

And last week I noticed 3/4 new pimple-like bumps on the tip of my foreskin, and unlike the rest of the bumps on my penis, these are somewhat itchy, but not all the time. Upon closer examination, I noticed they are also rougher (like they're about to dryout and fall off) and seem to have been cut somehow (probably from masturbating too roughly, I only use saliva). Through research, I've concluded these are molluscum contagiosum and not fordyce spots.

Please help me figure out what is wrong. I am also trying to set up an appointment with my Doctor, but he's always super slow and just refers me to some specialist. Do I have STD's perhaps??? I read that molluscum contagiosum could be considered an STI.

If it is Molluscum contagiosum and I begin treatment with a topical cream or something, do I HAVE to stop masturbating till I'm healed?

Also, could this (rough patch or pimple-like bumps) be a fungal infection?? Because I do have a very small patch of ringworm on my back from sweat buildup (from playing basketball) and am in the process of treating it.

Thank You Very, Very much in Advance for your help. It is very appreciated!
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