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Large walnut sized hard lump , perenium area

Hi , After cycling my bike a week ago I noticed a lump in my perennial area while showering. I guess it’s after coming by from one or two things , that area is usually quite red from cycling and I wore shorts that hadn’t been washed from the day before . It’s something I never do but was forced to do as all my others were wet ! Another possibility is that while on the bike I hopped over a path while cycling at speed and the saddle came in a fast jab contact with the area which was a shot of pain at the time ! Funny thing is I’ve also noticed a small lump that’s a small bit tender in the pelvic area , also noticed this while showering,maybe they’re both related !? The larger lump is not that sore while sitting etc but is tender to push/feel . I attended a gp and was prescribed flucloxacillin on the diagnosis of a possible infection from the unwashed shorts .
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Sounds like a little pocket of infection to me as well- have you followed the doctors recommendations on treatment?  Have you noticed any improvement?  
Hi , yes I have followed the Docs orders , anti biotics , I’ve also applied magnesium sulphate paste with a plaster and I’m having 2 hot sterilized baths a day . The lump has gone down and there has been a discharge of blood/yellow watery liquid on the plasters . It’s not quite gone yet but hopefully on the way ! I can’t understand after cycling for 10+ years it’s the first time it’s happened, I know the unwashed shorts didn’t help but I’d have thought my body would have fought it off ! Thanks for your reply .
Your welcome- glad it's getting better!
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