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Planters wart on 2 year old

Ok my 2 and 1/2 year old son has been complaing about his foot. We took him to a foot doc and they found 3 planters warts. 1 has come though the skin the other 2 havent. They have frozen it like 2 times in 4 weeks, now they have given up a pres. roll on gel to keep his foot dry?? But he still screams if you touch it and it is still there. What can we do. they said the next step is surgery. I dont really want my 2 year olds foot cut on b/c the pain will be intense and he will not be able to walk. any suggestions
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How is your son doing?
Plantar warts are the warts that occur on the soles of the feet. These types of warts may resemble calluses or corns, but you can tell the difference because plantar warts disrupt the natural lines of the skin and may have small black dots on their surface, which are tiny blood clots in blood vessels. Warts usually don't cause any symptoms and do not require treatment, although plantar warts may be painful.
The treatments available are freezing of warts to destroy the virus (which he has already undergone). Cantharidin is another treatment that can help to treat warts. It is similar to freezing in that it destroys the skin around the wart, but it is less painful when it is applied. It may hurt a little once the blister forms though. Aldara (imiquimod) is a newer, non-destructive treatment for warts. It is applied to the warts three times a week, either with or without an occlusive dressing. You might need to soak and then pare or trim down the wart and then apply Aldara for it to work well.
Persistent or very painful plantar warts may need to be surgically removed.
You can want to discuss above mentioned intervention with your kid's pediatric dermatologist before taking a call on surgery.
Alternatively you can take a review opinion from other Dermatologist.
Hope this helps.
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He is about the same. It still hurst him though. I think he has the doc baffled. They were sure it would go away with freezing. The freezing didnt bother him, no blisters formd and he never complained while they did it. We have seen a second doc who put him on the roll on gel. He is th epediatric surgoen. I just wish it would go away. Thanks for the help/advice. I will mention this to his doctor
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How is he doing now?
Is roll on gel helping him? Have you show him to other dermatologist? What has he to say about all this?
Keep me informed about his disease progression.
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It actually looks smaller. But the gel dries his foot out so bad so I've been putting it on with a Q-tip and regular lotion on the rest of his foot. yeah we have seen a third doc now who agrees with the gel . He seens to be in less pain now. I guess it's working but his little foot lookd bad. I also started only using it every other day. My mom had the same cream/same strength a year ago anf he is only two so I switched to every other day which the third doc said was fine. Thanks for asking I will keep you updated. He doesnt say much but mom put hairspray on my foot I guess b/c its cold. he is such a mess and really dont mind the meds so thats wonderful.
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