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Rash - misdiagnosed several times

Hey there!

Since January 2021, I have had a rash on the inside of my right elbow - it started like a small patch of eczema (size of a quarter) and the doctor passed it off and gave me a topical hydrocortisone prescription for the itch. He said give it four weeks, and return if there is no change. In exactly four weeks, I went to see him again, this time with a patch the size of a Ritz cracker and incredibly bumpy with occasional tiny, whiteheads. He gave me a stronger steroid and said to avoid sun, so that's what I did - even buying sunshirts as my work requires outdoor time. Fast forward to now, the cream isn't working, the rash is now the size of a large orange and takes my the entire inner elbow and is stretching toward the rest of my arm. It's always red, itchy, hot, bumpy, with an awful, constant burning sensation. Now, there is a similar spot forming between my breasts. The scratching is keeping me up at night, and I'm so frustrated. The doctor claims he has put in a dermatology referral, however my province can be up to a two year wait and I can't live like this.

I've ruled out skin irritation, changes laundry products, bath products, bedding, dish soap etc. with no changes. I've looked at my diet and taken out common irritant foods, washed surfaces thoroughly. There is no difference with environmental changes. I have several stage progression photos that I am willing to share is someone has any idea what this is.
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