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Redness/Rash above upper lip


I have had a rash above my upper lip for awhile now.  It is in between the upper lip and my nose directly in the center and only in the center.  It is slightly red and looks like there are wrinkled ridges.  It burns when I put hydrocortisone or any moisturizer on it.  I put vaseline on it b/c I thought it was dry skin and that does not bother it but it does not make it better either.  I am not sure what it would be.  It does not look like perioral dermatitis.  Any idea of what it might be?

Thank you!
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Do you frequently blow your nose or rub your nose?

Do have allergic rhinitis or allergies?

Differentials may include seborrheic dermatitis, allergic dermatitis, and atopic dermatitis. Streptococcal infections may involve the said area but they usually present with crusting and pustular lesions.Fungal infections may also present in the face.

Keep the area dry. Avoid placing any cream or moisturizer until the cause has been diagnosed. If this is an infection , the creams may aggravate it. Seek consult with your primary physician since a visual inspection may be able to help differentiate the differentials  I posted.

keep in touch.
I very often keep on getting burning rashes above and below my lips. It is mostly on my bottom lip, It hurts when it touches salty things and when I breath on it or any type of wind blows on it. I am not sure if I am allergic to anything. I dry to keep it dry but it still burns and I constantly lick my lips when it burns or I put ice cubes on it.
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i've had this rash for years.My upper lip gets red and itchy,its happends when it wants to!! i hate it. I also have sensative skin and also have eczema.I dont know what this could be or a cream that maybe i could use top prevent this? I also cant wear any lip products beside vaseline or ill break out.
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I have had a red,dry upper lip for 7 months now. I have a ton of food allergies but have been off them for a while. I also get very deep cuts and gashes on my upper and lower lip. It kills when I water gets in the cuts which makes it very difficult to wash my face. The only thing that soothes it is vaseline but that does not make it any better. Any help? :(
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Is there a possibility I may be allergic to an ingredient in a protein shake I've been drinking? The company changed the formula slightly and it's irritating my digestive system and I've had a very dry, slightly swollen, somewhat numb upper lip for several days that does not improve with vaseline, a&d lotion or dry skin cream. My lower lip is fine. I haven't had the shake in a couple days.  How long will the symptoms last once I've stopped drinking the shake?  
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I have the same problem, a red rash above my lip (under my nose) with ridges in it, I am not allergic to anything I know of and have had this for many months. I have tried lots of creams and different types of moisturisers and I do not believe it is an infection, as I have asked around 6 doctors and they prescribe me eczema cream, which just flares or makes the redness worse, when I wake up the skin is very dry and it is very red, causing me to apply more moisturiser, I really do not know what to do, please help.
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i LIVE with this issue.. all my life. i have seen derm. when i was younger and nothing helped... except.. Nystatin and Triamcinolone Acetonide Cream USP 30g!! i dont have any health issues. i'm not allergic to anything. i have mild dry skin.. in general, but this is an odd problem i deal with. i have tried everything! the only thing that helped a little is washing the area with warm water, putting a little bit of peroxide, and vasaline cream.. not oitment, that would make it worse, ANYTHING OILY MAKES IT WORSE. now i am putting the nystatin, triam. acetonide cream on. and it is wonderful. it is a yellow paste, and i put it over night for about 3 nights and it clears up, and i take loratadine 10g.. and it actually works. now i have lost my insurance and can not get the cream without prescription.. so i'm screwed. i hope this helps. i'm on a search to find what exactly causes this and if there is anything over the counter that works as well as that cream! good luck all.
Try taking a good vitamin C tablet like Now brand buffered C complex, and natural mixed tocopherol vitamin E. Drink organic carrot juice with breakfast, and an organic kombucha for lunch  Remove artificial sugar and enriched products from your diet (read your labels), and add healthy whole grains like organic oatmeal and brown rice and Ezekiel bread, and organic safflower oil. Don't eat any sugars  even fruit, or tomatoes, after  pm.
And eat 8 oz of plain organic yoghurt just before bed. It has to be plain yogurt, and don't mix any sweeter in, not even fresh fruit; the yoghurt needs an acid pH to work, and sugars make an alkaline pH.
You can even apply some of the yogurt directly onto the rash. It will probably sting a little at first and then provide e cooling, soothing feeling. In a few minutes, it will dry. Then rinse it off with cool water. After you have rinsed the yogurt off, apply a little Avalon organic lotion (pick a scent you like, or unscented). Also, get a lip balm stick with vitamin C in it, like Avalon organics soothing C lip balm.
The nutritional improvements are at least as important as the topical. In fact, the topical won't work alone. Your body has nutritional deficiencies that are causing the rash.
Typo, that should read no sugars after 4pm (even natural ones like in fruit, tomatoes, carrots, or corn. Those are fine for lunch. But for dinner have something like green beans or spinach.)
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I hope that I can help by posting this, because I have suffered from the same thing!!

I had a dry itchy patch above my upper lip and below my nose. It would come and go, and sometimes become very red when I itched it. It also looked like little wrinkled ridges and you could barely tell where my lip line was-it kind of all blended into one.

I FINALLY got an appointment with a dermatologist, and my problem is fixed!! He said it is eczma! I have suffered this on and off for over a year, but recently it has been constant for the last 5 months. (Coincidentally, I have eczema on my arm, but he noted that it was eczema before he knew I had it on my arm, and said it can pop up anywhere on anyone!)

So, he perscribed me Desonide ointment (0.05%). It is an oily ointment (not cream, I tried hydrocortisone cream) and he told me to put it on very thick (so I do this when I am at home for a few hours). It was gone the FIRST DAY!!! I still used it daily to ensure it doesn't come back, but it has now been a week without this embarrassing, annoying rash!!

I hope this helps!! If my symptoms sound similar to yours, PLEASE ask your doctor for Desonide Ointment!!!
Not a good idea to continue to use Desonide or ANY steroid cream or ointment on face or in skin folds for more than a couple of days at a time.

Not a good idea to use as prophylaxis/prevention.

Sorry, hope it stays better.
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I had this rash a few times. Just about a few weeks ago after my surgery it got worst. Maybe a reaction to the meds that was giving me. Hydrocortisone was NOT working at all. Anything oily made it itch like the dickens.  I was desperate and found this cream that my aunt used, "Triamcinolone Acetonide. I noticed the itching stopped and he rash started clearing away. I thought it was just me until I read your comment
stegosaurus81.   Best of luck!
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I have it only in the center area between my nose and top lip. It feels really hot and you can see it through my make-up! Everyone keeps asking what's going on and I have allergies, but this only started at the beginning of the school year! Some days it is worse than others and can be painful. I also get a lot of acne there (more than anywhere else) and I don't know what to do! It's embarrassing but my parents won't let me go to a dermatologist :/ I really need it to go away!!! I don't know what to do about it! That area also sweats easier than anywhere else, but I'm not sure if that's because of that because that has pretty much always been that way. I just want to stop being embarrassed and to stop hating having people see my face. It's my senior year and I just want to stop being so scared that it's super red and that I'll be made fun of.
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I posted a comment a few days ago - it does not seem to be here. I was going thorugh the exact same horrible condition, what worked for me is Taro-Mometasone Cream. My docotor prescribed it after I showed him a printout of this discussion. It started working right away and after 2 days the redness, pain, peeling was gone. I am seeing a professional derm. in 2 days to pinpoint the diagnosis. But, my life is back. I just went through the worst 3 months of my life with the problem. Hope this helps! I was almost beyond help.
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Tell your parents to let you go to a doctor and get a cream like what worked for me. I am 32 years old and very healthy, but had this horrible condition. Ask your doctor for Taro-Mometasone cream. My life was on hold until I got relief. Hope this helps. Nobody deserves this.
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I had the same problem as all of you except it also affect the sides of my nose which would also get sensitive, red and peel. I found creams and oil treatments are just a short term relief and that the problem lies within the body somewhere.
I read someone elses post on a forum about this and they said try drinking more water. I must admit until now i didnt realise how little i drank. This is no lie after drinking a full glass before going to bed as well as soon as i wake and making myself drink water all through the day it all disappeared in 2 days. Think about it for a second your actually detoxifying/cleansing/flushing out anything bad the body produces. Water is the miracle, believe me my symptoms were as bad as anyones where id cake my upper lip and nose with any moisture cream or ointment that i could find for it to eventually dry causing even worse scaling and itching.
As i know how awful this condition is I had to take the time to post! Expect your **** to go from yellow to white which is a good thing!
I've got it and I'll try and drink more water than I usually do thank you for that tip
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Had something similar. I found out i had impetigo with possible staph/mrsa. I was given some creams and a pill and it cured up in less than a week. Skin is back to normal and never looked better! See a dermatologist but make sure its a good one because i saw two dermatologists before i found one that was able to notice what i had without too many tests. If you have any questions or would like more info, email me at ***@****

I’ve had MRSA before and staph medicine is the only med that gives me relief. They swabbed my lip and it was negative for staph, but I’m not convinced. What oral medication did they give you??
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Have you ever found a cure for your rash? I have the same thing and still no cure!
It may be a type of yeast infection, try using Viaderm-K.C Cream for a week (it is a corticosteriod, antifungal, antibacterial and anti inflammatory cream) then once it has healed a bit keep using it it in combination with Clomazol (broad spectrum antifungal) for a further week even if it looks like its gone. Go over the area and further round, like nostrils and side of your nose, side of mouth and some cheek, just stay well away from the eyes.
The double whammy should cure it long term. Good luck.
It is known as BARBERS ITCH try LAMISIL cream it works best from my experience, it looks like it has gone for good this time, where as it came back with the others I mentioned above.
Ignore the posts I made above and check out the one I added to the main discussion instead as these post didn't work long term as a cure. The post below is homeopathic and seems to work as a real cure.

I would delete the two comments above but there is not option too.
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Ive have the same problem with the dry skin over my lip with ridges in it. I had talked to a few doctors and they said to try cracked nipple cream for birthing mothers. it has lanolin in it and I used it for a few days and it was gone. it works well and it isnt too expensive so that might help you
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I love how we get a bs answer and a million people asking the same thing how about an educated answer to at least one.
It's so weird how you think it's only you that has it but actually a lot people have it (red mustache)
It is known as BARBERS ITCH try LAMISIL cream it works best from my experience, it looks like it has gone for good this time, where as it came back with the others I mentioned in a comment above.
Ignore the posts I made above and check out the one I added to the main discussion instead as these post didn't work long term as a cure. The post below is homeopathic and seems to work as a real cure.

I would delete the two comments above but there is not option too.
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I have the same problem using hydrocortisone helps but not that much try using triamcinolone Acetonide cream and ice it if it's puffy
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I have the same problem and when I went to the doctor he prescribed me triamcinolone acetonide ointment it's a clear ointment and he told me to put on a lot and when it drys to rub on some ice and then when your about to sleep to put on some ointment and sleep with it and do the same thing everyday until it goes away and it actually worked in a matter of days the red embarrassing rash was gone And any time it comes back I just do the same thing and it just goes away like magic
I hope this helps anyone  
So basically your doctor didn’t have a clue and just prescribed a steroid cream which is terrible. I’d stop using it if I were you.
It is known as BARBERS ITCH try LAMISIL cream it works best from my experience. (Terbinafine Hyrocloride 10mg/g is the active ingredient) Good luck.
Ignore the post I made above and check out the one I added to the main discussion instead as these post didn't work long term as a cure. The post below is homeopathic and seems to work as a real cure.

I would delete the two comments above but there is not option too.
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Well applying butter on the infected area has a great impact on it..... It usually occurs when someone bits and licks his lips.... So u have to stop this habit and apply butter(pure) and u will se a change.... Free of cost.... Try this method will help u
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The below concoction worked for me, I am not certain it is a permanent cure yet but it seems to be...  It has allowed me to get back to normal and no longer need any topical steroid cream. Looks like I needlessly suffered with this for years. Good luck!

Try this:
( I am not sure the exact amounts)
3 cloves of garlic ground up
Equal amount of Ginger cut fine and ground up
A few drops of tea tree oil
1 tablespoon of MCT oil
1 tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar
1 teaspoon of Turmeric Powder
1-2 teaspoons of non-heat treated honey

Mix all together and use a cotton swab to apply, it might sting and burn a bit with active sores/broken skin but worth it, leave on for a few hours when you are not going out anywhere because Turmeric is a colourful yellow. Apply several days in a row. I am not sure if all elements are required but it has worked so far for me, also seems to work on dandruff.

Side note: For a holistic approach make sure you are getting enough vitamin D and C and maybe take a couple probiotics.
Edit: I also added some Pink Himalayan salt (or Kosher salt), not sure if it is needed, but about a quarter of a teaspoon ground to a powder and mixed in.

I think some gel from the inside of the Aloe Vera plant might go well in the mix too, though I didn't have any in mine and it seems to have worked anyway. I made this recipe up by looking online at any and all potential home remedies, then added them all together. I hope this works for someone else too!
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