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Scabies and such

For the past couple of months I have been struggling with a couple of things. First things first about 5 Months ago I moved out of home. I moved to share accommodation with my own bathroom and room. I washed my sheets and such ever so often. First things was I got Genital Warts. I got them about end of fed start/mid march and then about march april it must of been i started getting scabies. started at my hands and moved else where like groin area and buttocks and such. i was using Aldara for the Genital Warts and at early stages of scabies was told it was ezcema or something so I was using diprosone.. I was also having antibiotics, Zinc Complex, Vitamin A, Immune Defence, Catapress, Omega 3 + Ginko using a sorbolene lotion, somac, Quedella, liquid soaps and this special soap for ezcema. I also had ivermectin twice. 1 week apart like my Dermatologist told me too.. Also i had to drop out of uni this semester as I found it difficult to concentrate and study =( It has been really stressful and worrying what this is all about. I put the Quedella treatment on again tonight so this is the 2nd time I am using it.. Also I have some other issues. Kinda first time doing this and such but I have added photos of my groin and such and wanted to know the possibilities of what they could be. Also please note I have refrained from sexual activity for the past 4 months and stop drinking 4 months ago..


I can't afford to see dermatologist again so don't suggest :P it was like $170 last time haha. I have spent nearly $1200 on medical stuff in the last couple of months. I am really over all this and I want it all gone :( So help is very very very appreciated.
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Help on this please =( ?
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Sometimes even after treatment or the mite the dead parasite sometimes causes great agony by delayed hypersenitvity.Take cap benadryl 1 at bedtime,apply elocon creme in itchy areas.You will be back to normal.
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thankyou heaps! I just took an Antihistamine then, Telfast. Yeah because I stopped taking them a while back probably like 2 weeks ago . .
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Sorry didn't realise links didn't work =.=.
This si picture of penis and lumps.
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no wait sorry =.= didn't work


there we go :)
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