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Severe acne breakout

I am struggling with a severe acne breakout recently. I can not figure out what it is from. It first started at both sides of my jawline, little white bumps under my skin that surfaced as cystic like whitheads. Now I have them ALL over my face. I have been going to a dermatologist for a long time and he told me it was acne and milia. He uses a needle to "zap and burn" them. Which leaves me with dark small spots all over my face like measles or something. They take 7 days to heal.

My questions are:

I started taking a 50 billion organisum probiotic capsule and a digestive enzyme that also has 500 CFU probiotics. Am I overdosing on probiotics? Could this be the cause? I have never experienced this kind of breakout EVER.

Or is it most likely a cosmetic product? I was using cetaphil moisturizer.

My dermatologist put me on Metrogel, will this work for the acne (whiteheads) under my skin?

This is really driving me nuts, I can't even leave the house. I would appreciate it if someone can give me some answers..

Thank you!!

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Ask your dermatologist, but I think it probably does have something to do with everything you are now taking/using.
Try to cut back or not use it , and see if that helps. Keep in mind that if it's allergy or sensitivity related, that it could take several weeks for things to calm down.
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Thank you for your reply. It is refreshing to know that people are willing to help others get answers and help with what some might seem unimportant and vain.

I have stopped taking everything and using the products on my face. My stomach actually feels ALOT better. I do believe that the probiotics contributed to the breakout. I did ask my dermatologist and he said no it is not the probiotics. I however think differently.

Thank you again!! I will keep you posted, if your interested, perhaps we can help others too..
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