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Skin rash for 4 months

I have had a rash on my sides and calves and a few on my arms been to dr they have gave me prednisone something for fungal they have gave me permethrin for scabies and redbugs I've used over counter cream for eczema stuff starts too help then comes back it itches but the itch isn't too bad a friend of mine who is a nurse thinks I'm allergic to something that I've changed but I don't have insurance to go to a dermatologist so can anyone help me any suggestions
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     You might try a cortisone cream - http://www.wisegeekhealth.com/what-is-cortisone-cream.htm
      but the idea that it is an allergic response is very possible.   Change  your laundry soaps.   The location of the rashes should help you figure out if it is something that is contacting the area.   Kind of wondered about your sheets?   Bed bugs certainly would be possible.  Do you sleep on your back and side?   Bed bugs are  not easy to get rid of.  Google it and follow the recommedations.  Good luck1
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bed bug causes welts and pinprick bleeding. fungal rashes are pretty obvious.
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