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Small itchy pimple-like bumps that appear and disappear within hours

This has been going on for the last couple months. I get these tiny bumps, sometimes only one appears, but many times they appear in twos, almost like a spider bite, but usually a little more space is between them than there would be with a spider bite. Sometimes appear in threes and sometimes they look like tiny whiteheads. They itch for maybe half an hour and typically disappear within a few hours or by the end of the day. I never notice them until I take a shower, or sometimes they won't itch at all and I'll just notice them when I look in the mirror (they have appeared on my face, butt, forearms, and thighs, but mostly my back). I typically wake up with them, or will notice them whenever I shower if they start to itch. On average, only one set of bumps appears each day (so one to three bumps a day). I first thought bed bugs, but I'm hoping to rule that out based on lack of evidence and the fact that I have severe reactions to every other type of bug bite so I figure they'd be more severe if that were the case. No one else is getting them either.

I've also had three other types of reactions over the last couple months. Very frequently I would start itching randomly and either one or a few white raised bumps would appear after scratching. They would stop itching and disappear within a couple hours or less. Another was mosquito or flea-like bumps that would appear every few days always singular for a few weeks straight... I think those actually were mosquito bites. Finally, I stayed at a friend's house last week and noticed a line of five itchy bumps on my forearm, and a rash of itchy bumps on both of my feet (by far the worst reaction and it may have been sun poisoning?) but I put anti-itch cream on both areas and all disappeared by morning.

The mosquito-like bites and rashes just described have stopped occurring. The white raised bumps have not come up in over a week, and before that were appearing at much less frequency than at the start. Now the main problem is these tiny bumps. What the heck could it be? Maybe from sweat or something? I'm sick of having anxiety about bugs or anything else. Please help!
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