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Sores on exterior lips

About one week ago, a strange dry spot developed on my upper lip. It didn't hurt, but was just a small circular dry patch, about the size of a pencil eraser.

Although this may be unrelated, esp. since I GET canker sores a lot, I soon after developed a canker sore on my lower lip.

Then a couple of days ago, I thought that my lower lip, right in the middle (on the top of the outside, where it meets the lower lip) had gotten too dry overnight and had cracked.

But then yesterday, the same type of sore developed during the day on my upper lip, right where the lower lip met it. These sores definitely hurt. They became somewhat raised, but not necessarily "hot", like I've heard cold sores get.

Another one of those strange dry patches also occurred on my upper lip, except on the other side.

I am concerned about the possibility of having contracted the virus for cold sores. I have never had them before, and I'm not sure what they look like.

I went to Walgreens, and the pharmacist recommended Abreva, just in case, which I used yesterday and am continuing to use today. The sores were feeling much better ALREADY by night, and today they have nearly disappeared, altho are still somewhat there.

No scabbing occurred. I've been using Abreva and lip balm together, to keep my lips moist.

Possible cold sores? Just dry lips? Would Abreva help to heal sore lips in general, or just cold sores? What else could these sores and circular dry patches be, besides cold sores? V. confused. Will be quite sad if they are cold sores. Thanks.
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that sounds like textbook cold sores to me.  i would suggest throwing out your balm and getting another tube once the sores disappear completely so you don't have another breakout in case some of the virus managed to get onto your balm.

don't worry about the cold sore virus.  it is not anything to be ashamed of, and the sores will only appear once in a while.  a lot of people get them, so most people will know what they are and not think anything less of you.  they can be an indicator that you might be getting sick.  i usually get a cold sore two or three days before i get your regular run of the mill head cold.

hope this helps!

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I felt a burning sensation on my nose the other day but saw nothing. The next morning i woke up and i saw a couple of small sores healing. What could that be? I wouldn't say acne I'm 43 and I can't say its that hot where I am in the UK? Its a mystery to me as to what it might be?
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