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Sudden dry, tight, scaly skin on face (mostly lips and mouth), ears and on penis

Male, 28, no underlying health conditions (other than seborrhoeic dermatitis and pollen allergy). Photos of the condition here: https://imgur.com/a/nIXV0gh

Around two weeks ago, during travelling, I suddenly started experiencing really, really dry and tight skin on the face (and even more so on my lips and ears - also had ear inflammation in both ears for the first time ever during that time too but I don't know if that's not too long of a shot to link it all together but just letting you know ;)). I've been able to sort of control it using moisturizers (a lot of moisturizers, think applying some cream 5 times a day) but it's just that - sort of controlled, and not really fixed as it all becomes really apparent if I miss the cream application. Also, my ears and mouth are crazy scaly every morning still, and the face dry. The lips feel as if they were burnt as the skin comes off during the day (only to come back the next morning) and the ears are crazy scaly and dry behind and a fair bit in the front and on the lobes too. On top of all that, simultaneously with all that, a small red spot also appeared on my penis skin - this one is less scaly (but it is dry) and does not itch but still, seems to be part of this merry company... There are also other, smaller places affected like the eyelids.

Since I also have seborrhoiec dermatitis, a sight of sudden redness/itching/scaling on my skin isn't something unheard of for me but to such an extent and to such a duration it's a really rare occurrence, considering I have my skincare regimen down after all those years. What could the reason be? What can I try to combat this?
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While you were traveling, did you use any hotel soap or shampoo? Did you bring any of that home to continue to use?

You could be having an allergic reaction to that, or you may have picked up a fungal infection. It looks worse behind your ears, and it's hard to tell from a pic if that's from the lotions you've been using, or if it's peeling skin, which can often be fungal.

It could also be seborrhoiec dermatitis, eczema, or a condition along those lines. Do you have a dermatologist? I'd definitely give them a call.
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No ideas? :(
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