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Swollen Chin

I have some sort of infection in my chin, under my skin.  My chin is swollen and there is a large, hard knott that I can feel . There is no visible pimple or in grown hair ..... im not sure what it is.

It is sensitive to the touch.

Not sure what it is and what I can do ?
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Can you please describe the lesion that you have in a little detail?

Where exactly is it located?

have you had some recent infection on the face or neck area recently?

Does this lesion have some discharge from the site? In the form of blood/pus?

When you say it is sensitive to touch, do you mean there is tenderness?

Meanwhile, you may try some warm compresses, pain killers and avoid pressurizing the lesion too much.

You may also need to visit your doctor and get an opinion.

Keep us posted,

Best regards

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I poked at it with a pin, and both blood and puss came out of it. From the out side, it doesnt look like anything except for it is swollen.

It is located on my jaw/chin and it feels hard, like a ball of hard puss or something.

There is no infection, cut or anything like that. It may be an ingrown hair... but again, you cant see anything on the skin.
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This could be infection of the ha follicle or folliculitis or some bacterial skin infection or pustular acne.

You should not pick or poke at the lesions - it would get secondarily infected and the infection could spread too.

You need to wash the areas several times with fresh water. Do not use any cosmetic products on his face and use a medicated sunscreen whenever you go out.

Apply calamine lotion at the site of the lesions and see if it helps.

It would be advisable to consult a skin specialist for your symptoms and a proper clinical examination.

Let us know if you need any other information and post us on how you are doing.

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I know this is VERY old but worth a shot... Did u ever figure out what it was? I think I have the same thing- my chin is very inflamed (from the ends of my mouth down to my chin) as well as under my chin (it kindda looks like I have a double chin but I know that's not it...). I noticed this after I shaved my goatee off that I had for about 3 months. It's been about 6 months since I've shaved it and it still hasn't gone down.... Oh also, the inflammation seems to be a bunch of tiny inflammations under my skin- like bumps
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I ahd 5 apear on my face last year, when I went to see a dematologist we found out it was caused by a bacteria called stapphylococcus aureus and then when more appeared after a course of penicillin, mine were foirming because I have a allergy to penicillin.

I know they have said not to touch the lumps, but I found washing them in hot water and gently easing the core out of the lump was the best way to get rid of it.  I gave up going to the doctors to get antibiotices as it just didn't work...hope this helps
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this is weird, i have had a problem with a swollen chin/lump ever since I tried using a sonic face cleaner. to me it felt as if the bristles had punctured my chin and dirt/makeup on the bristles got under the skin.  I went to the dermatologist 2x and my PCP, they seem to think it is irritation.  It also gets itchy. and so does my jaw/neck area under chin.  i also have itchy skin on chest/thighs and not sure if it is linked to the chin issue or otherwise dry skin. this has been on-going for 2mos. i have tried gentle cleansing/moisture prdts. cortison (script).  metrogel from derm dr.  it calms down and then gets worse but never goes away.  I see a white mark on my chin  and when swollen it feels like a hard lump under the skin about a 1/2 inch in size.  
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Oil of wild oregano has been very helpful to me with these type of skin infections.  I live in the Tropics so these are common.  Might try colloidal silver too.  Until it becomes soft the doctor cannot lance it.
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My chin started out with a white head. So I popped it but noticed it was still hard. I life it alone. But it only got worse. The part that was hard seemed to have swollen and now my whole. Chin is hard and swollen. And hurts when I move my chin. I don't know what this is or what caused it. How do I get it to go away?
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I'm having similar problems. It starts as a small painful bump but it never comes to a head. It gets bigger and very painful it's like a mass or something and then when I try squeeze it to relieve the swelling a bunch of tiny bumps come up and the top layer of the skin peels away. THEN my problems really started! HELP!!!!!!
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Last Monday, 3 August 2015, I felt my chin painful and difficult to chew food.  My lower gum seems a bit swollen too.   From the outside, it does not look like anything except for it is painful and swollen.

It is located on my jaw/chin and it feels hard, like a hard boil without change skin colour nor any pus. There is no infection, cut or anything like that.

It has swollen bigger for next two days.  It was throbbing pain on Wednesday night.  I went to see GP next early Thursday morning and was prescribed antibiotic.  I did not take the antibiotic and went to consult a Chinese Herbalist who said that I have been stressful and immune ability got low and so got infection.  In normal condition, we can have the ability to engulf the bacteria into a small pimple.  However, because my body stressed out and could not be able to do it.  Therefore the affected area extended bigger on the chin.  He warned me if I ignore it, it will get worse and swell up to both jaws too.  Also I have eaten a lot of curry meals lately.

I started the herbal tea on Thursday and went to acupuncture afternoon.  The throbbing pain reduced to 50% for next two nights. The chin was still very swollen on Saturday morning.  Something interesting appeared.  There is a green bean size red blister appeared on the bottom front teeth gum. This red blister popped and pus came out itself.  I put in a cotton ball into the gum and close the mouth tight.  I changed cotton ball few time to soak the pus out from the gum.  After one hour, my chin became much softer. I could speak more freely and chew food easier.  Today is Monday, there is only 5% pain on my chin, not hard at all and only a little bit swollen on my bottom front gum.  

This is a very valuable experience that has ever happened to me.  I have learned that I should relax more and calm down, and not to exhaust myself.  For this kind of symptom of swollen chin without obvious reason, one should consult a Chinese herbalist to speedy up recovery.  
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I had dental cavitation surgery I also felt absolutely horrible like I had the flu and dizzy feeling, One day later chin started to itch bad, got swollen really big.then it began to ooze pus, obvious infection . One doctor said, it might be the nerve channel runs down to the chin and it might be a fistula  He gave me clindamycin. I think I have an infection in my chin  And my herbalogist gave me Berberine tincture, I'm going to  acupuncture and will get on herbs because for me that works the best, with no side effects.
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Yes the same thing happened to me, There was a giant cave of pus deep under my chin that became inflamed just by moving my face. I eventually ripped my entire chin off to alleviate the pain and now have a gaping window in my face where you can see the bone and vessels lol. It's okay I'm going to get surgery for it soon. The cave of pus was still lodged in the chunk of flesh I had ripped off and I took a hammer to it and found a bubble of grayish yellow lumpy (almost cottage cheese texture) pus in the chin. I am going to get my face reattached soon!
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