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Undiluted dettol on penis

Hi, used undiluted dettol on my penis after getting a small bruise from friction during intercourse from the latex, poured the dettol down the penis shaft to the testicles and left it for a long time stupidly, so they got very dry from the dettol, next day, day after they started lookin like raisins,,,, gently scrubbed em to clean em, burnt skin started peelin of like a frozen tomato, should i be worried
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Oh you asked your own question - I just suggested you do that, so ignore that. :)

Did you use the cleaning Dettol or body soap Dettol?

Do you have open wounds? Is the skin peeling? Is that what you meant?

If you have open wounds on your skin, or burns, you should really get this checked by a doctor. You may need medical treatment for it.

I have to ask - why would you do this?
Uhhm panic i guess, it was the antiseptic, it's not too raw just a slight red, no pain thank goodness, talk about roasted nuts, literally
Okay, well, I guess that's better than floor or bathroom cleaner, right?

Panic over what - an STI? Something else? I can help with STI questions, if you have them.

Keep an eye out for rawness or open skin, burns, blisters, etc. If you see any, get to a doctor. I wouldn't put anything else on it. Just let it be, unless a doctor tells you otherwise.
Yeah cause of the tightness of the latex on my shaft i get little bruises here and there on the shaft so usually i disinfect, but this time dont know why i grabbed dettol lol imma stay out the dating game until my nuts recover, screw it, maybe until im married lol
Maybe you need to size up in your condoms. You can try that at home when you masturbate, maybe, and see how easily or not easily they come off. Condoms shouldn't leave bruises.

You don't need to do anything special after sex - just use a gentle soap or non-soap cleanser. Be kind to your penis. :)
Hahaha i will be kind to it, for now by leaving it alone lmao, i was actually surprised seeing other threads of people doing the same thing i thought i was the dumbest ass in the world, cant stop laughing
Omg you'd be surprised at how many people do this. I also answer questions in the STD/STI forum, and it's a common thing there, too.  (FYI - it doesn't work to prevent any kind of STI. Don't try it lol.)

I'm in the US, and they don't even sell Dettol here, and I only know what it is because people ask about it so much on this site. ;) You are not alone, nor the dumbest ass in the world lol. Just don't do it again haha.

Definitely not! Dont wanna dissolve my kids
LOL good thinking. ;)
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