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What is happening to my fingernails!?

This is so frustrating! I can't grow my fingernails out at all, because when I do, parts of my fingernails 'droop' over the tip of my fingers. It's not the entire nail -not like a club nail- it's just parts of the nail. Parts of the nail are straight while other parts of the same nail 'droop.' The mail becomes 'wavy.' Almost as if parts of the nail are stronger than the rest of the nail. All of my fingernails are like this.

It's very strange, and I can't find any information about toys condition anywhere. Can anyone help me?

Here are some photographs. These are all photographs of one nail. I want to stress that the unevenness of the nail in the photo is not the cut. The cut is a completely even curve. And the nail is not chipped either. The unevenness is solely just parts of the nail 'drooping.'

Also, the little dark smudge you see is just some dirt under the nail, it isn't part of the nail.




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Hmm, that's a good tip, thanks! I'll try it. I just wonder if this condition is something I should be worried about, because I can't find any information about it.
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Have you tried maybe cutting the nails down and putting a nail Gardner or thickener on them, maybe this would help them to stop growing unevenly to where you can enjoy the length and look of your nails doing as they please but as you want them to?.
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