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bug bites or rash?

I can't tell if what I have is a rash or if it's just a bunch of bug bites? I've counted at least 165 bumps or bites on my body. Most of them are on my stomach, thighs and sides. I have a few on my calves and a spattering of them on my left forearm. They don't really itch, some of them are a little irritated and sensitive to the touch but most of them, like the ones on my stomach are pretty tiny and painless. There are a few- one on my forearm and a couple on my outer thigh that are a little larger and more irritated. Most of them have tiny pin-sized white dots at the top of them, kind of like a spider bite... I guess the poison comes to the top. That's what makes me think that they're bug bites... the part that throws me off is that there are so many of them all over.

I noticed them in the morning after I had been at the zoo all day in like 90 degree weather. Could have something to do with it. Bites, heat rash, I have no clue.

Any help you could provide would be appreciated!


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It would be very difficult to say anything without having a look at the lesions.

What is your age? Are you on any medications currently? This could be due to an allergic reaction to some unknown substance or secondary to insect bite etc or due to heat rash. But nothing can be said with surety without a clinical examination.

You should wash the area and keep it clean, apply calamine lotion at the site and take some oral antihistamine or antiallergic medications like loratadine or cetrizine for your symptoms.

It would be best to consult a skin specialist if the rash does not resolve in a few days. You should get the relevant investigations as advised by your doctor including blood work.

Let us know about what your doctor advises and if you have any other doubts.

Post us about how you are doing.

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Thanks for the response. I'm 22 and not on any kind of medication, nor do I have any health problems (that I know of). I've never had allergies before either.

Since their appearance 5-6 days ago, they have slowly started to go away. I didn't develop any kind of irritation like burning or itching at all. I picked at the tiny white (which came out clear) tops of each bite or whatever they were and after that, they just started to clear up. I still have tiny barely-visible specks where they were but they're disappearing.

I'm assuming they were little bites and after picking the poison out and washing them, they're disappearing... would that seem about right?

I didn't go to my doctor for this since they weren't causing any problems aside from being ugly but from what people who did see it said, they looked like bug bites. That doesn't seem far fetched since I was at the Zoo that day... lots of bugs.

I assume a rash would have had splotchiness around each bump, but these were distinctly seperate bite-like marks.

Are there rashes like that? I really don't know anything about this kind of thing :)

Thank you!
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