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herpes or ingrown hair?

about a week  ago I noticed what what looked like a red bump above the base of my penis.  I'd say a centimeter or a little more from the base.  it felt hard and dry.  It looked like it was an ingrown hair because there was hair growing out of it.  the bump was right in the pubic hair region.  I don't shave and never have down there.  I have protected sex with the girl that I'm with.  oral sex on me is on protected but she has no diseases.  Now, a week later, it turned into a raw surface and there is dry skin around the raw area.  is this herpes or an ingrown hair.  
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Without examination,confirming a diagnosis is tough but this kind of rash sounds like folliculitis due to ingrown hair as you are thinking.The presence of hair in this lump is a sufficient evidence to onfirm it as folliculitis.

Secondly,it does not seem to be herpes because herpes presents as blisters, not as a red bump.  Second, herpes goes away in 7-10 days and may recur later on.

Apply warm compresses on this rash and if there is pain then antibiotics may be needed,otherwise it will go away on its own.

If still the symptoms do not improve then pls get a clinical examination done by a dermatologist.

I hope that helps. Please do keep me posted on how you are doing or if you have any additional queries. Kind regards.

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Thanks for the reply. I will do what is suggested.  Have you had a similar experience?  Have you heard of experiences like this from people you know.   It doesn't hurt right now but at first when I did touch it it did hurt a little, but probably because of where it is.  you said herpes goes away in 7-10 days.  I've 2-4 weeks.  What you said did help, however.  Are you a doctor?
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