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itch under skin on arms

I have a deep itch that comes twice a year usually spring and fall. It is so intense that I am unable to sleep at night  I have tried every lotion in the stores and have had no results. I have tried scratching, rub. and pinch with no relief. My doctor suggest a dermatoligist. I feel that he doesn't understand and is just trying to pass my issue on to someone else. Sometimes Benadril help but it starts again before I can take anymore medication  My thoughts lead me toward an alergy, since finances are in question which should I see? I am a 63 year old widow on social security in good health and am active. My only medical issue is arthritis in most of my joints. Any help you can give me would be appreciated Thank you

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Does the itch have a specific pattern?

Have you found any association with any pollen or allergens during the two periods of time?

For allergy the only reliable cure is to eliminate the allergen and most doctors would try to find the possible allergen to relive the patient of recurrent allergis.

You may ave to visit the dermatologist to find out the cause. On a preliminary analysis this may be allergy, fungal infection or perhaps scabies/mites.

Meanwhile, OTC anti-histamines may be a good option to provide instant relief.

Keep us posted and let us know if you may need any other help.

Best regards
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I suffer from the same problem.
I have been reading so many posts hoping for help. My itching is on my arms-once in a while near my ankles. Mine comes in August and leaves around Oct. I look for natural medicines because chemicals like parabens (known carcinogen) found in most commercial remedies, cause more problems for me like hives.
Here are a few things that help:
Zyflamed from vitamin Shoppe for internal inflammation-safe to take- does slow the itching a lot.
Colloidal Silver to heal the sores caused from scratching. Apply to paper towel hold on wounds.
Indian Healing Clay helped a lot.
BUT HERE IS WHAT JUST HAPPENED!!! I was reading another post and someone suggested pure coconut oil.
I have that in the house so I decided to go put some on my badly scratched arms and... I am NOT ITCHING!!! This might be the easiest remedy ever if it continues to work!
Please try it and spread the word if it works for you!
This suggests it might be fungal -which I did suspect-coconut oil is anti-fungal. That (fungus) would be normal during the summer- in lakes and at the beach in moist conditions even humidity.
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I may try the coconut oil. I've been itching on top of my arms from elbow to mid-arm on top only. This has been going on for two years and not as bad this year. Benadryl helps little. Topical ointments or lotions do nothing. The only thing that has helped is ice therapy. I've tried to tie it to something I've eaten, the heat, dust...nothing. I haven't been to a dermatologist and when I've told my PCP and OBGyn Dr that are at a loss. Ice subsides the pain under the skin. Scratching it does little and when I do scratch it is raw the following day so I try not to scratch the itch. I keep either ice in a baggy or small ice packs in freezer. If it happens in the middle of the night I stand at the kitchen sink and apply ice or go to bed with a small ice pack until it quits. Usually this does the trick and it goes away only to return the next day. So far ice is the only thing that has helped.
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