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mouth blister

not really a question..more of a comment..have an oral blister...been two yr's not painfull just a clear surface..more annoying than anything....had it tested for herpes but came back negative...told stress and herpangina...didn't seem like either one of those...more research led to mucocele..that seemed more like what it was...a cyste of mucous

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i've had a reoccuring blister in my mouth for the past two yrs.  had it looked at but given no definite answer..tested for herpes...negative...another doctor..herpangina...looked it up but not same symptoms like what I had...I looked online and mucocele seemed to have the answer for me...thanks to this site...i think mucocele cyste would give one answeres to a blister in there mouth that seems to be out of the ordinary...also had one on the bottom of my tongue  but only twice..the one in my mouth never goes away...maybe for about 3 to 4 days but that's after I pop it.,,then it's back...there are options...oral surgery to remove the cyste.
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Yes mucoceles may be pretty common.They may range from tiny cysts about 2 mm in diameter to really large ones.Some may resolve spontaneously while others may persist.They do not need further intervention. just avoid picking on the area or biting the lips. Mucoceles vary from herpetic lesions like cold sores, such that they are rarely painful.Although when you constantly bite them or pick on them ,then they may present with pain.
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I have had a sore throat for most of the day. I bit my lip and shortly after went outside to help my husban paint our house I was outside for no longer than 2 hours, after inside i realized i had a white spot on bottom lip its a little to the right but more in the middle of  lip i squeezed it twice it did nothen but within the hour it turned into a white blister and also has a small white spot on the left side of bottom lip it hurts and stings i have no idea what it is if theres anyone who can help me in finding out what it is and how do i get rid of it. Also my throat still sore,i got a headache and my lymp noydes are sore with the one on right is swollen and a small earache that didnt last long. HELP ME PLEASE FIGURE OUT WHAT/HOW TO GET RID OF IT
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