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open sore

I went to Greece and spent some time on the island of Sifnos.  While at the beach I got an insect bite on the bottom of my right foot, in the area of the arch.  It itched like crazy.   We all got mosquito bites there so I thought it was either that or a spider bite.  When I returned home to the US the bite still itched quite a lot and developed a scab which fell off while walking.  The spot under was raw, oozy and very itchy, so I covered it with bandaids.  It does not heal and is getting larger in size, still itches.  The skin around the periphery is flaking away and I have noticed bumps under the skin around the sore.  There is even another small sore that has developed that seems to be healing.  I've tried antibiotic creams, just cream to soften the skin, anti-itch cream, and anti fungal cream.  And, nothing at all besides keeping it clean and covering it with a bandaid (that's what I'm doing now). Nothing works and this seems to be getting worse. It's been 1-1/2 months.  I'm calling a doctor this week as I don't know what this is. Concerned that some microbes got under the skin in Greece or here in California.  Any ideas?  I have no fever or am not impaired in any other way.  Thanks for any input.
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Sounds like a great Vacation though, I wonder if it could be Impetigo, and the original would got infected, its possible you will need a specific antibiotic , definatly get it checked out at the Docs.
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Thanks for your comment. Hmmm...Impetigo.  Will mention that to the doctor.
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