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painful recurring face infection (boil)

For the past two years I have been getting painful recurring face infection (boil)  on different parts of my face (my chin, above eye, on rim of ear, on skin just in front of earlobe... anywhere.

I feel one coming on and I call in a perscription for Dicloxacillin 500 mg and take 4 a day (28 pills).  It goes away and I am fine for 3 to 4 months and I get another one different place.  The Dr. at the clinic I go to says that I probably have an infection in my nose that is the cause of re-infecting ... I have swabbed a special antibiotic in my nose for a number if days to try to kill it (Dr. even had my husband do it to, just incase It was somehow from him).  That was about a year ago and I still get these things.  Early on I would go longer before I took antibiotics but it would grow very fast and very painful.  The first one I got had to be lanced by a surgeon because it was so big ... and I have never felt so much pain... I then took them VERY seriously from then on... I don't know what to do I want them to stop and I hate(!) taking so much antibiotics ... I know that is not good for you at all...
I go to a free clinic ... so there is just so much they can do... they give me refills of the Dicloxacillin and I take them every few months because I have to...
This is painful and scary...

Has anyone else had a problem like this???
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feel bit better that iam not alone in this problem. but dont know if anyone have the same experience like mine.has this boil will just occur on mine chin within some hours that i feel itching and fills with  pores.4 about three yrs now.hv been reocuring.i have operation twice.hv had all the antibiotics.hv had chiness meds.but no solution yet.the doctors told me that whats causes it is hair that suppose to grow out .instead is growing inside.but after the operation they didnt find any hair.now they ask me if i can carry out another  one.pls anyone got same problem  how did u sorts out ya self.thanks  
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I have boils on my chin that have been there for months. how do i get rid of them, i think i am pre menopausal can anyone help me please
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I have had these boils on my face for about 4yrs off and on, ive been told everything from it being hormonal, stress or cyctic acne. im at the point i dont care what it is, i just want it gone. i just want to walk in to a room where i think people are looking at me instead of the boil.  i have also tryed antibiotics, epsom salt, fish oil, even just sticking it with a needle. im trying a new dermatalogist tomorrow, hopefully something will be done. Would love to hear if anyone eles found something, anything.  Good luck
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It makes me feel better knowing that I am not the only one out there dealing with this and getting the same DIAGNOSIS - obviously there is something wrong with all of us in common. I personally can tell you I am contending with:
Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia
Nuerotransmitter Problems
Adrenal Fatigue
Severe Food and Inhailant Allergies
---- All of which became a problem weeks after the birth of my son. Other than that and prior to the the pregnancy I was healthier than an ox!

So if you guys are interested in putting it all out there.. maybe we can figure this out - figure out the underlying problems that we are all facing so that we can begin to get help and not just keep fixing the problem.

Good luck -  ps I am sitting here with one on my face the size of a quarter.. eye swollen shut. 4th one on my face this year.

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Holy Moley! Thank goodness. I have been so depressed today because I KEEP GETTING these huge, painful things on my face. Cheeks-forehead-chin...seems like no facial area is off limits. It's awful to walk with my head down and feel like I AM on drugs and afraid to look at people. I probably look as freaky as I feel. I went all natural (which cost a fortune) and have tried all of the home remedies...to no avail. Please help...please. Thank you ladies and gentlemen for being brave enough to post and my face hurts so bad right now too. :'-(
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PS: It is not acne and I am not a 'picker' as everyone is unfortunately being mislabeled. In lthe scheme of things I am really healthy-vegan, active, don't drink/drugs and am 32 years old. What in the heck? I guess I should add that they are always there. Even after they have gone down in redness and/or i have mutilated it-there is always a hard nodule there and right next to it (just when I think it's conquered) ANOTHER one. Only larger and more painful than the last one. And I must add that these are about dime sized and hard-tender-ugly THINGS. Thanks again. Any advice or any ideas from people that have seen derm doc's? I am a college student and cannot afford one.
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I feel so bad for everyone with this skin problem, my heart truely goes out to all of you. I also fight the same issue, its really killing my self esteem.
I have found that mixing 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric in water really helps the healing process.

Good luck in your fight.
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I started getting them all over my face about 6 months ago. This is a first for me!  Not anywhere else, just my face. They are painful, huge, and they itch. Only thing new in my life, right before this started,,,I drink tons of iced tea, every day. I also had gastric bypass surgery two years ago. I drink alchol, which is new to me. The meds from the doc do not work! I hate to look at my face!  I have one next to my eye and it is horrible! Maybe there is something we all have in common that we can change to get this under control.
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Hey time to tell my story, im 25 years old ive been getting huge boils directly on my NOSE since i can remember...( i remember getting them back in high school ) Now these boils tend to swell up my whole nose and are really keeping me from living a normal life, Ex: ive been fired from jobs cause i was missing too many days ( i tend to call in sick when i get these cause they are simply too embarassing to live with ) I even have trouble at school, today i stayed home cause i had a Oral presentation, can you imagine , giving an oral presentation in front of 40 students with a huge boil on your nose, and by the way, i have a pretty big nose which i got from my Father which i have learned to totally live with but these Boils are killing me and also my Father used to get them as well but he told me they stopped when he was about 25 .well im 25 going on 26 next week and they are getting bigger and nastier..anyways..story of my life..i feel like these boils will be all i remember when im on my death bed instead of happy memories of love, trips and friends....good luck to all of you!!
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I am a male, 31 now. I've had boils on my face and back since I was 17.  I never knew why.  I remember getting them and going to work as a teenager and having people talk about me. I've made so many excuses even telling people i get bitten by spiders.  When they were on my face it would grow and grow. People said I was dirty and filthy.  I worked hard in the Canadian praries for 9 years so I didnt have to be in the city and face people.  I worked hard all summer and winter outside.  I was able to marry a wonderful women and we have kids, when I break out I ignore people as I always have, but I feel for my kids as I know the other fu#%in parents talk about me and even tell their kids to not play with mine.  It's got so bad I just want to cut my face or even worse... what kind of world do we live in that something that affects us has to affect those we love and take care of.  I've tried so much to find help but as you all, its what we have to live with.  Where do we go from here?
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Thanks!!  I feel better knowing i'm not alone in this battle!! I'm gonna try everyone's suggestions!!
You all are in my prayers!!  Again....Thank you!!
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I have the same problem, but I do have MRSA and my boils that I am getting on my face are MRSA boils.  I have been a MRSA carrier ever since it was found in my Maxilary Sinues two years ago.  I started taking Oil of Oregano after I did research that it will help to kill MRSA and sinus infections.  I ran out of it and soon after I started breaking out with the boils on my face.   I had seven within five weeks!!!   I ordered the Oil of Oregano and after taking the gel caps 1500 mg. twice a day for two weeks, my face is starting to clear up again.  I will never let myself run out of those again.  I order mine through www.*******.com   I hope this helps everyone.  
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I'm so happy to have found you all.  I am a 23 year old female and I just started law school.  I have also had exactly what everyone here is describing.  I started to acne about 10 years ago.  Nothing really helped, but it was manageable.  For the past 5 years, I have gotten really deep sores on my face that become infected.  I can feel a blemish forming, and several hours later my face will be swollen where the blemish is.  Lately, they have been worse than ever.  I've had to miss classes because my face becomes so swollen and painful.  I usually get them where scars from old ones still are.  I have had the same one on my chin now for about 3 months.  It was so deep at one point that it went through my lip into my mouth clear down by my gums.  I have spent tons of money on doctors.  I have been on every oral antibiotic possible.  My derm also tells me "stop picking and they'll go away."  Well, sometimes my sores are so full of pressure that when I bend over, they start to ooze fluid and/or puss.  I've been tested for allergies and take allegra for seasonal allergies.  I use aveda makeup and lancome.  I wear makeup only when necessary, but I have terrible scars.  I am a very clean person, and I am constantly changing my pillowcases.  Some doctors tell me it's stress.  This may be partially true, but I've been through some terrible things in life, and this was never a problem.  The only thing that I'm stressed about is my disgusting face!  I am going to try adding fish oil to my diet.  If anyone else deals with the severe swelling (and hardening) of the area that the lesion is in, please let me know if anything helps.  I put a cool wet cloth on my face to help with the swelling, but people still ask what happened to my face.  I am seriously considering advertising on facebook that I will pay $1,000 cash to any doctor that can correctly diagnose this crap.
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p.s.my doctors also tested me for MRSA and I did the whole ointment in the nose thing for awhile in case the problem was starting there.  Negative for MRSA.  i also use tons of creams and medicated face wash from the doctor.
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Been there.  I've been getting boils all over my body for over 11 years.  I got my first one when I was pregnant with my 11 year old son.  It was in an unmentionable area...LOL  It popped and went away on it's own, with sitz baths.  The second one was in my nose and cheek.  My son was a few month old and accidentally headbutted me and popped it.  The third one was in my armpit, and the doctor lanced it, and gave me antibiotics and the meds for my nose.  That was about 10 years ago, and now I have one on my chin.  Going to head to the doctor today to see what they can do....sigh
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this isnt someing ive personally delt with... but ever since my mother turned 40 she has had boil like sores on her face. they will go away and then come back in new places. obviously the anti-biotics dont work cuz the drs who prescribe them really dont know whats causing this. i feel so bad for my mother becuase she feels so ugly and is very depressed about her face. my dad tries to talk to her about it but she just thinks hes putting her down because of her face and she just feels worse which he is only trying to help and figure out what the problem is cuz he wants her face to clear up as much as she does and its really hard to get her to go to the dr or try to do something about it all she does is cover them with makeup. i can honestly say its putting an uneeded strain on their relationship. my dad was at the grocery store in the alcohol isle and there was a couple there who were looking for beer without barley and hops. im not sure if one exsists but the women had the same boil like sores on her face. apperantly once she got a little older (like my mom) she started to get them. they were told that it was due to allergies to the barley and hops she developed when she got older were the cause. im not sure if its true or not or if its even the same case for my mother. but it makes sence. she drinks A LOT of beer now. we thought these new pills the dr gave her were working cuz she started to really clear up. but i think it was yesterday that she got three more. and she hadnt been drinking quite as much the past week or so but the past few days she has been so im really curious if maybe that is the cause. does anyone else drink a alot of beer? well not even a lot i guess but at all?
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I happen to be a doctor, just passing by this forum. Sadly I have no solution for you because there might be several reasons for yr ailments and from reading your posts it seems that not all of you suffer from the same ailment.

I just wanted to set the record straight on a few things:
The MRSA bacteria is not specifically more pathogenic than other Staphylococcus aureus strains, so the presence of MRSA in e.g. your nose should not in itself cause boils or blisters, just makes them harder to treat if they do.
Recurring blisters in yr face however can have a lot of causes. Obviously herpes and bacterial infection ('impetigo like') could be easily found out and treated. But if it is allergy based, it might be more difficult to discover what is the exact agens causing it. Atopic dermatitis, HIV, syphilis, Lupus may all cause blisters in your face, yes these diseases could be more generalized as well, but limited to the face is not uncommon. Also afflictions of yr Immunoglobulin(s) could be a factor

If you have recurring ulcering/blistering that does not react to Acyclovir (for e.g. herpes) or to standard antibiotic treatment as in Impetigo, more rigourous methods are necessary. Your dermatologist should consider some of the options I mentioned. I trust a dermatologist to recognize Atopic dermatitis, others can be ruled out with bloodtests.

If the cause remains unknown a biopsy (for histology) and a culture (for microbiology) are logical steps. Consider making a diary that describes yr activties and eating habits and note when you have your blisters recurr. That could give a clue too.

Sadly, many doctors easily say 'stop scratching'. Though in itself that is a good advice, most people scratch BECAUSE they have a skin leasion, not the other way around.

What some of you describe could in fact be an infected atheromous cyst. These can fluctuate and recurr for years on end, always in the same place. Surgery then can be necessary.

With all blisters that are caused by bacteria, one needs to realise that the mere presence of a bacteria does not necessarily cause a blister. It needs a port d'entree and even then: It causes a blister in YOU. General ill health? Skin that easily damages? Medicine use?

I am not a practising physician coz I am mainly in research, but I have had 4 people turn to me with recurring facial blisters. One girl had them for nine years, therapies had not helped, I established 'simple' atopic dermatitis, a cleanup of her living space and some corticosteroids cleaned her up in 2 months and there were hardly recurrences. Another guy turned out to have syphilis. The right dose of antibiotics took care of that. The third one had indeed a bacteria as a cause, a change of antibiotic helped. The 4th one I am still trying to find out. However, a daily cleanup with antibacterial soap for starters has made them go away for a long period already.
I wish you all good luck
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You might as well include me into this mess!  53 year old female who gets reoccuring monsters on her face.  Extremely painful and have found nothing works.  I am married and my husband gets them in his underarm.  Now my daughter who does not live with us, has gotten three this year.  This is causing me a lot of concern.  I feel like it has taken over.  There needs to be something that we are all doing.  I feel horrible and dirty.  I have changed everything about the way I clean and care for us.  We have done the antibiotics, nose swabs, hippacleanse soap showers.  IV antibiotics seem to slow it down, and then they come back.  I am at my wits end and can see that I am not alone!
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About two months ago, I started that new 17 Day diet that relies heavily on green tea, Greek yogurt and fish or other lean protein. I'm in my mid forties and had gestational diabetes years ago. Have hay fever, reaction to Chamomille and to Sulfa drugs, plus some eczema. Got a boil on my face at Thanksgiving, then one on my hip after the first one healed. Wondering if the green tea or yogurt caused the problem. Those were the only additions to my diet other than a new multi-vitamin. Did lose weight, but not worth it if I get these awful boils. Started antibiotics a couple of day ago.
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After reading many of the previous posts I see I fit in here. I want to be very detailed about my experience with boils and correlations, so this forum may lead to a cure.

I never had acne as I was growing up. In fact, my first boil on my face was at age 37. I have been to many doctors and they all have put me on an antibiotic. I have been on many antibiotics over the past 5 years. Antibiotics don’t seem to be responding and have never totally cleared up the infection. They usually work just long enough for the boils to go away and then they come back with a vengeance! I have noticed a correlation between the boils on my face (they are always on my face), UTI’s and kidney infections. It never fails, I feel the boil start, I predict the UTI, boil gets really painful, sometimes I get a fever, I get a headache, kidney aches, I am continuously tired, I see doctor, then I get put on an antibiotic. I have NOT been hospitalized for this or any infection. I have had ultrasounds, MRI, bladder scope, blood tests, urine tests….medical bills keep stacking up, but I still have the problem. This week I have two boils and even though I am getting plenty of rest, I can feel that I’m getting really sick again. I am making an appointment to see an internal medicine doctor because they know more about infection in the body. I will let you know what he/she says.
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i was wondering do you have any problems with your teeth?
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So, I have an enormous 'boil'  on the left side of my chin, it has been there a week and I've been taking 2000mg of anti-biotic since Friday, it is now Monday morning at the boil is still the size of a 10p (sorry don't know American coins), the swelling though is up as far as my eye, across my chin and up my jaw, it is really painful but mostly unsightly, there is no sign of a head and if it goes down I'm sure it will come back again.
I have been having these on and off since I was a teenager (the doctor took photographs of them), I am now 38.
I think a change of blood has a lot to do with this, each 7 years when I have a change of blood (as is the natural cycle) my complaints change or move, I currently have no eczema, which is the first time in my life, but each 7 years it has moved and boils have come and gone in this time.

I don't know what to do about it but feel so bad for everyone struggling out there, I've decided to go out today, I can't let this stop me from doing what I would normally and neither should you :-)
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I've had similar problems. Initially swelling up high on my cheekbone lots of pain and thought a spider bit me. After a few days it calmed down but still felt hard and sore to touch, It was so close to my eye I didn't dare pick it as I had fear infection could spread to my brain. Several months later I could still feel it deep in my face yet No obvious swelling that could be seen. Unfortunately another one came up nearby even more painful but lower down my face. This one i decided to attack and lanced it with a needle as it felt closer to the surface. This did not resolve anything expect to cause me lots of pain, increase the swelling and bruise and scab over from my effort to squeeze out anything I could. I had to accept it and leave it alone and went on a antibiotics. Eventually they both went on their own completely . The one I picked left a deep scar. Several years later I had my left nipple suddenly super swollen and painful. Doctor lanced it as he feared i coild get septicemia and he put me on antibiotics. It relieved the pain but never completely cleared. When it re-cured he reffered me for a mri and then to a surgeon to remove what he believed was a cyst. The surgeon operated but found no cyst, ( only scar tissue he said). Started healing and was draining for a few weeks. Soon as I thought It's over it happened again in the same spot. Doctor lanced it once again as it was huge and more anti biotics. Never completely went and within six weeks came back. GP sent me to surgeon again. Surgeon said more antibiotics and come back in month for another surgecical removal. Nobody could say what it was and the pathology from previous axcision showed no abnormalities. I was tired of this painful unresolved problem and was not prepared to let surgeon cut me agin to remove whaT? I decided only I can heal myself as they ae just doing blind guesswork and sticking to what they know. I didscussed with the doctors natural approaches and they really aren't interested. They said do what you like with natural therapies as thel make no difference so they won't hurt you. ARROGANT. I  decided to fast as long as I could and do a detox thinking I could sort do a reset on my body. I  held a complete fast for 36hrs (only drinking water) I did a coffee enema to cleanse the liver where toxicity builds up. I stopped drinking coffee, alcohol, dairy, meats, wheat. I took vitamin A, B, E. Had olive leaf extract and essiac tea , raw honey and applecider vinegar, I sliced turmeric root and placed as a compress over my infected nipple. I drank Turmeric tea,(either sliced root steeped in boiling water or a teaspoon of turmeric powder in dissolved in water). I eat anything I know to be high in antioxidants. Beetroot, berries, etc. Eat super foods like quinoa and try to eat organic though not easy as very expensive.  .Since  beginning these natural methods my nipple now has no pain, swelling, redness. Even the scar tissue from the surgary has softened. We are our own best doctors. How can somebody else know your body better than yourself. Most doctors can only repeat what they'ved learnt in the curicullams their study involved. Many never even study nutrition or any alternative therapies. They all take a Hippocratic oath yet ignore Hippocrates teaching of "let food be thy medicine". This has worked for me so far and trust it will continue to do so. I believe that it's important to have faith in oursel and our ability to heal ourselves. With out belief and faith it is unlikely to work as well. Our brain and mind affects every aspect of our being physicakl and otherwise. Believe in yourselves and we shall all overcome. All my  best wishes for everybody on the path to health and wellbeing.
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i have the same problem...it has taken me many years to figure it out.....ITS SUGAR!!!!,,,i am a binge beer drinker and the boils come and go on one side then the other....ITS  SUGAR!!!!...ask yourself and be honest...howw much ice cream,cookies,donuts,etc are you eating...how much beer,wine,juice,milk,POP are you drinking...how much gum with aspartame are you chewing....ITS SUGAR!!!!,,,,cut it all out for 2 months i guarantee they go away...good luck to you all
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its sugar!!!!!
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For me, it seems to be potatoes. Before I realized it was potatoes, when I was younger I was getting them all along my jaw line (now loaded with little round scars)...I'm a picker, but like someone else said, if they aren't there I won't squeeze at them! It wasn't until later when I realized I would get them after I've had potatoes several days in a row. I have had a weakness for mashed potatoes, so I gave up making them so I wouldn't eat so much of it, and that's when my "boils" went away. Now, any time I've had potatoes (either mashed, fries, or chips) several days in a row, I end up getting a boil or two. They hurt so bad it feels like it's deep in a nerve, and it never "pops"...so I usually end up putting a needle into it to relieve some of the pressure....blood, and lots of it, oozes out giving relief. Then the skin forms a scab and in a couple days it's cleared up, leaving a scar. It always makes me angry with myself that I've allowed myself to eat potatoes several days in a row. *sigh*
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Funny you mention this. I, too, have the same issue with frequent/reoccurring boil-like cysts that do not respond to antibiotics, antivirals, topical rx creams, or accutane. I, nor my doc nor derm have any idea what these "things" are nor whats causing. I have to no avail found any solace or answers to situation I've been in for a considerable amount of time now. Awful pain, constant reoccurrences, reinfection, depression, and seclusion are all that I know now. However I've never given up hope on finding a solution. Here's a list of possible commonalities that we can consider in finding a cure that I've researched during my isolation periods when I'm at my worst...
1. CANDIDA YEAST OVERGROWTH (consuming too much sugar & processed foods)
3. GLUTEN ALLERGY ( w/ or w/o celiacs diagnosis)
7. HPV STRAIN ( d/o of PREVIOUS HPV already established )
(d/o stands for disorder and can be substituted to mean diagnosis when appropriate)

Any thoughts on the aforementioned topics??
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I am VERY glad i have found that I am not the only one in the fight against boils/cysts on the face.

I have been suffering from this since i was about 15.  Very large boils/cysts would occur on the right side of my face (on the jawline, a few inches right of my chin, extending towards my ear...  basically that whole area).  This went on for years (until i was about 18), and cause major permanent scarring on that side of my face.

I was put on the drug ACCUTANE (for 6 months), when I was 16...  it helped alot...  but didnt clear me up 100%.  They asked If i wanted to be put on it again for another 3 months, and i refused (because going through the effects of accutane are very tough, google it).  But at this point I wish I had, it might have helped in the longrun.

Around about the age of 18, they pretty much stopped.  Thats until about a year ago (I am now 26)..  the SAME EXACT boil spots have been reacurring, as well as new ones (has moved to the left side of my face, in the same general area as the right, as well as my cheeks, and under my chin).  And some area's get absolutely massive ( the size of a silver dollar at times), and will last for weeks.  Some wont even actually drain, they will swell, not come to a head, but soften and basically "go away" without relieving the puss outside of the skin (by popping it).  Not to mention they're beyond painful at times.

Even during those 4-5 years where i wasnt getting them, i would still worry about getting them.  Even now, if it was to stop today, the scarring from all of this has perminently distorted the right part of my face (there is "drooping" in my face, completely noticeable when I'm looked at directly from the front.  Obvious signs of major skin/tissue damage).

there are a few things on here i haven't tried yet (including the fish-oil and vitamin regemends)...  fasting/purging my system might work.  I'm just not sure what changed a year and a half ago, to make them flare up again like they have (a bit worse if you ask me).  I'm very active, and workout 6 days a week (and always have) weight lifting/running/biking.  Nothing has really changed, not even my diet.

Anyway, I will post here again in a few weeks - to a month; to inform you guys on the progress of the fish oil/vitamin/purge on my system...  till then...  wish me luck.

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I've had these before, maybe started about 3 and half years ago, when I was 32.  Never had them before.  These would happen in a stint of a few months, one would come, then go after much torturous pain and only a couple of weeks off from the next one.  This happened a few times but they seemed to go away without a lot of problem when they first started, though they WERE a big problem.  I would always drain them when they began to swell, and I have relatively large pores and so it seemed easier for them to "sweat" out when I drained them, but left large areas raw.  I had them in the same area as you describe.  The worst one I had was in the neck under the chin, between the chin and Adam's apple.  Good God!  It left a little scar.  Well, I was in Asia for 3 years and they never happened over there!  I have been back in Austin for only a month and a half and they are BACK!  So I suspect that it has something to do with diet, air, or water.

This one is the worst ever, and it is in the same area as the one's before, on the right side of the chin on the jaw line.  They tend to have this feature, where there is an initial swelling and tendency to open and drain on the top,  but as it wears on there is a tendency to open under the chinline and release there.  I don't want to go to the doctors about it, just will incur ridiculous fees and be patronized.  I drain it, wipe it with alcohol, and put a nice patch on it and drive on.  The important thing is to drain them, I think.  The system is trying to get rid of something, maybe taking a shortcut through the face.  I let it out and have never been inclined to wait one out.

The only thing that I've noticed is different when these started up is I have been taking supplements, and I'm not sure but maybe something similar happened the last time...  I had already been taking Vitamins A, C, and E... and plenty of Folate (Folic Acid)... also Omega 3-6-9 fish oil caps.  But this thing didn't start up until I started taking B-Complex, the kind that gives you like, 6,667% of your DRA of B-1, 5,882% DRA of B-2, 500% B-3, 5,000% B6, and 1,667 of B12.  I'll have to check the receipt, but it seems like it was not right after I began taking them, but maybe after I  started doing TWO caps a day of the B-Complex.  I assumed that might be it, because I read that a possible side-effect of too much B-12 is some kind of skin rash or something, so I suspect it might exacerbate an existing predisposition toward boils in the skin. I also started at he same time taking D3 at 1,250% DRA, but I don't think it is related.  So therefore I've completely stopped the B-Complex and things came to a head yesterday...  It was a DRAINATHON!  (Gross, I know...)  I mean, I'm asking God what is the meaning of this madness, and it comes right before I need to be fresh for a slew of job interviews, etc...  Not a good time for this.  Well, I'm now going to just keep it cleaned and covered and give it a rest and only after this is cleared up will I be taking any B-Complex again.  And when I do, I'll only take ONE as recommended and only EVERY OTHER day.
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That is VERY interesting. I was healthy as an OX until I had my children. I now have been diagnosed with hypothyridism, CIDP (which is the degenerative form of fibromyalgia), chronic migraines and fatigue, and now I am getting these infectious and very painful lesion on my face about once a month which have to be lanced and I have to be put on antibiotics.
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Hi there,
I can completely relate to you.
I 33 been suffering for 8yrs , also have Fibro and other health probs..
I suffer with severe boils around the mouth and they can sometimes change to coldsores.
I'm sat with 3 boils all in 1 area at the min, my lymph glands are up AGAIN and my ear and jaw are so painful.
All I get off my doctor is BLANK expression on his face.
Surely there must be an answer to this, there are so many people suffering with these problems.??
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For boils on your chin I found that a seaweed powder mask..mixed with hot water and apply will definetly clear them up...takes a couple of days but reduces them completely!!!
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I have looked so long for a solution.  I just tell myself this is my cross to bare.  I am 44 and have been dealing with this for the last 20 years or so.  They come up a few times a year and take an average of 1 month to heal.   About a month ago I had one on my left cheek.  That healed in about a week.  And then a new one occurred on my right cheek.  There was a secondary infection and had to go to the emergency room and get an iv of anti-biotic.  There is no definite pattern.  It seems to be a combination of factors that bring this on.  Stress is probably the biggest cause I'm guessing.  I missed two weeks of work and suspect this will probably get me fired... Though I am now going into work with a bandaid over it.  I am trying the tumeric solution I read on this sight... Thank you all for posting.  They itch and hurt and as you all know are not all too flattering.  Doctors rarely contribute anything of value and dermatologists play stupid most of the time choosing to make you feel like you are the problem.  Yes I know I pick at it and I shouldn't.  But we all know the key to healing these things is drain them as much possible where the body can do the rest.  My objective is always to get a good bloody scab of the area after draining.  This usually gets it on its way to healing.  I saw about 6 doctors this last time.  The last one asked if he could feel it.  The was a decent scab.  Big mistake.  It was almost back I square one after he irritated it.   Most of th problem seems to me related to the nervous system.  The skin sometimes feels very agitated as if it is already infected - even before there are any signs in infection.  A few doctors have suggested it could be herpes as that typically has a painful nerve endings on fire sensation.  I have a prescription for acyclovir - doctor says that doesn't usually help after the infection is in full bloom.  So I will try it next time I think it is coming on.  It doesn't look like herpes... So most doctors are doubtful about this diagnosis.  I will keep you all posted.  God bless
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I have been getting boils on my inner thighs, it started when I got pregnant and had a miscarriage and that was 3 years ago. then it started under my arms then it came to my jaw line and I have had them the size of a coin dollar. I have tried the heat application, honey remedy, cortisone, and the medicated bandaids and I have found that putting a small dot of cortisone on a boil then covering it with a medicated bandaid reduces it but eventually it comes back, Iam scared with red and black scars I cant wear bathing suits, shorts or spaghetti straps. I do know it is an infection in the body and I also "heard" that is mrsa from where you scratch the inside of your nose and then touch your body ( I have my nose pierced) so im constantly cleaning it and touching it. I do have a lot sinus pressure and my nose is tender all the sudden. Boils are staph infections and antibiotics do not work, my dermatologist says the same thing as all yours. Iam going to try the fish liver oil and see if that helps. also the germs from the infections stay on surfaces for long periods of time. door handles, steering wheel, remotes, phone surfaces, stove handles, microwave frig etc. I clean with bleach and I have went as far as scrubbing my walls with bleach and I still get them. any new advice is welcome. I share all your pain trust me. Another thing, greasy foods and bad habits do affect them.
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CURE ***** I have figured it out ********* CURE
Hi , I've been suffering same problem for 10 years ,  this is going to sound crazy.  It's chicken and eggs .  It's my favourite food , I always eat it and get sick and I say it just wasn't cooked properly .  My whole life , I feel tired after I eat ,  slowly get angry as the day goes on and then headaches , black eyes .  Like dark circles under my eyes .  A few years ago I started this diet where I was only eating red meat and veggies .  Then a few months later I began making eggs in the morning and then feeling like I used to .   I used to drain my face daily .  So I stopped eating eggs and chicken and now I'm perfectly fine .  I accidentally ate something with egg in it ( ceaser salad dressing ).  And that's why I'm on here .   I now have a boil/sore/infection and I need to get rid of it .   Last time I had this problem was the weeks before my diet .   Honest .   Eliminate all eggs ---( muffins , cookies , dressings , cakes , meatballs, breads /with eggs in dough , doughs ). You know that kindof stuff .  I can assure you , you will be extremely happy with results ....  
I currently do not diet , as well as do not eat chicken ,  I munch hard on foods that don't contain egg and chicken ,  and I'm extremely healthy and I never get tired after I eat . No matter how much I eat .  When the times get hard , I have a turkey sandwich .   The only thing I miss is French fries that restaurants can't afford to fry them in a separate oil then they're chicken .   I hope this helps .  If you need to contact me ... Youtube ... Klifford king ...  Email me there ,  I can prove that this works .    
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Hey everyone!

I found this sight because...dun dun duuuhhh....I'm having the same problem!

I have learned a few things. Mine show up primarily on my forehead and chin. I'm 46 years old and figure it's probably hormonal. It's the pain that sends me over the edge. I learned some of the triggers....like the oil from my bangs (I get bad pimples along my hairline). I use Noxema sylicic pads morning and night on my tee zone and hairline (and a bit inside hairline) to help purge the ones formed. It also helps dry them right out.

Picking....big no no. The bacteria on your hands affects the pores in and around the boil. This bacteria will get in and spread like wild fire. It can cause one or more boils to pop up anywhere on your face.

I found that by keeping my skin clean (I use eminence probiotic skin cleanser morning and night.....non drying and prevents breakouts). I use Juice Beauty stem cell line because it encourages faster skin cell turn over.

For the hard ones that never popped and hung around, I used a honey/olive oil/lemon juice mask. I couldn't believe the difference! The hard one shrank! I left the mask on for an hour, but most sites suggest 10 minutes. Get the best honey! I purchased REAL honey from the comb, from nutrab.com (Canadian and US availability). The one I use for my face is the royal jelly. The honey can also be ingested to help kill bacteria, build up immune system AND fight inflammation.....another cause of skin breaks.

ALSOOOOOOOOOO.....I TRY to drink water with lemon, because it is BEST for your body and works on a cellular level. I drink it hot. I also drink the Numi line of tea which is certified organic (even the tea bags are non toxic). Green tea is my preference....I add the Bee Strong Ceylon Cinnamon to my tea, along with lemons. Not only does it fight joing inflammation....but the Ceylon Cinnamon has anti inflammatory properties that help the entire body, including skin. Nutrab.com has a great line to choose from. I found this honey to be far more effective than what you buy at the grocery store.

I hope this helps because I know it is an unpleasant issue on many levels.

I pray the hand of God is in your life!

Love and light.
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You mentioned get rid of sugar. My Asian Doctor told me to get rid of that far as my chronic pain. That's one of many things.  I have eczema which started about three years ago. But recently I broke out with these round swellings on half my face for the first time. Some close to my eye.  I used an oatmeal soap and cortisone to help take it down. Still need to clear up one mark left. I could see getting rid of sugar and dairy too which was on my list from my pain doctor.
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new comer. i think im havving my first one on my chin after tooth infection. i dont have a head yet but i feel my chin swelled and its starting to gain redness in a certain spot.
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new comer. i think im havving my first one on my chin after tooth infection. i dont have a head yet but i feel my chin swelled and its starting to gain redness in a certain spot.
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Try looking up Hidradenitis Suppurativa.. going on 9 years same constant bumps and not once has this been mentioned all I hear is -- well the culture is clear but here's antibiotics- - recently had a surgery for one inside my breast, 6 straight months of antibiotics.. and YEA you guessed it already back again. I just so happened on this when trying to figure it out myself. Good luck  
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Hi. I got this as an adult in my 30s. It began to spread from face to back, shoulders, neck, - i was miserable, tried everything.my dermatologist put me on Accutane.
It worked.
One can't get pregnant on it too dangerous for the baby. Tetrogenic. I believe my diagnosis was something like cystic deep acne or nodular acne,  but not quite that name, Dont remember.
Anyway it worked.
Its been years since I had the problem.
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Thank you
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Hi everyone

yikes it sounds awful. I feel so sorry for you all. I had the same but I noticed a pattern as to when they occurred. I was allergic to nickel. If ever any came in contact with my skin for more than a few days then I would have boils start to appear on my face ( the nickel could obviously touch my body anywhere)

So don't just think antibiotics as I read up and saw nickel allergy could do this. The only time now it happens is if I change jewellery and there is some hidden Nickel.
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Having this now been on bactrim 5 days have a nasty boil that recurrs on chin next to lip which is huge festering mess this is the third outbreak in 15 years the last two only 3 years apart i use clearasil on my face and chin as a preventative measure and it has been very effective but no cure have been afraid to shave for years. I now am on bactroban cream in nostrils and face to try to eliminate a possible(likely) staph colonization I am extremely tired of always being afraid of any small scrape or pimple in that area because every time it blows up into this nasty staph I am hoping this helps or works the antibiotic is causing some weird side effects too so really want to be done hoping the nasal antibiotic therapy works. I hope all of you find the answers it has been a long road for me thanks for all your input it is great to not feel crazy like when er nurses say its just a cold sore and the next day my face is in ruins good luck to all yall    God bless
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Please I need help my face have a big b
Back mark it taken my whole cheek and I am trying to let it fade away please help me it like a big burn
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Ok.....wow...I cannot be more sure that half of you are having what's called an extra oral cutaneous sinus of dental origin. Especially Gwyned talking of a tooth infection damn that's for real what it is..when you get an abscess in your tooth or an infection it causes a sinus trac..some create a tract to your mouth some to your face.. the tract will drain fluid it can hurt be painful on face due to irritation ...you dont know its from your teeth because since it's got a draining opening to your face it doesn't hurt in ur tooth or dental area. I am 90 percent certain that 90 percent of you are having this. Many can go years without being diagnosed correctly..seeing dermatologist after dermatologist who don't have any idea about this and they Will put you on several different antibiotics to no avail will it heal then they will refer you to a surgeon who will try to close it but then the lesion will come back again in a different spot or close by. It doesn't even have to be dental in all reality it can be a salivary glands it can be a cyst it can be a jaw infection...look up lesion to chin of dental origin...osteomyelitis. ...dental caries...fistula trac to chin ...submandular sinus....dead serious...I wish you luck in figuring out ..
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Get yourself to look up oral sinus of dental origin it's from your abscess that created a track to your face. ..
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I am 97% sure mine are from sugar/chocolate. I have been dealing with boils on my face for years. I have also been prescribed antibiotics, which help but the moment I stop taking them or eat too much sugar they come back. I know they say don't pick them but the only way they go away is too get the gunk out of them. So I shove pins in mine and after all the white junk and puss come out they go away. Of course leave a scar but... I am too embarrassed to just leave them there. They can last months! I never used to have them either. One dermatologist thought it was hormones. I just wish there was a better solution then to just cut out sugar completely. I have tried and I can succeed a little while but being with out sugar forever is really really hard for me. Something has to have happened in our bodies to cause these. I wish there were more doctors out there trying to find a cure. Or why this happens. The last one I had was the biggest ever! There was so much crap inside I could not believe my eyes. It healed up and now 2 more. Guess I'm back to no sugar!!
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I had the same issue not only on my face but armpitsa few now and then in the groin area upper thigh crease for approx 20yrs eventually worsening over time. Finally I saw a new dermatologist who diagnosed me with H.S. hidradenitis suppurativa.  www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/hidradenitis-suppurativa/basics/definition/con-20027334    www.hs-foundation.org      No cure but preventative measures including the diet the advise for those with autoimmune disorder. Hope this helps talk to your dermatologist of find one near you that has the knowledge. I heard every excuse as no one knew what it was. It is heriditary, I remember my father having them his mom to!d him he ate to much mayo he now ,72  has not had an occurrence in 2 years following his dermatologist advice and orders with no medication. Good Luck All. Have hope.
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hi, I realize above was written a long time ago. But as I am currently reading these, others likely are as well. So, for their benefit (or boredom....though hopefully now! ;) ), I feel its important to share below....I wrote it as a response to the above post before I noticed the date....apologies. Love to all out there!
    Hi, many who a boil or absces type thing keep reoccurring in same spot on face, esp around, on or below chin or jaw area, have trie the dentist and discovered its an abscess of dental origin! Aka theres a discrete infection under a tooth somewhere that cant be seen in the mouth and it abcesses under the tooth and sometimes, instead of bringing ous to surface of the gums, they end up draining down, sometimes through the bone and soft tissue, making their way out through the skin.
   Try googling extraoral sinus tract and any mix of words like tooth and infection, tooth root abscess, pericapical abscess, etc.
   I currently have one. Sometimes, its from an old root canal where infection was hiding dormant in some minuscule root or area that even the best root canal treatments cant reach. Sometimes, was a poorly done root canal. Coule even be just from clenching teeth during sleep or anything that causes trauma to the root of a tooth, and after a while, root gets too traumautized, a little inflamation starts as bodys way of protecting the trauma area, and, oila!, the beginning seeds of a problem have been borne!
   Sounds crazy, I know. But Ive been googling and reading about this stuff for months (I know, bad idea, but its so hard not to, and as scary as the old googling medical stuff addiction can be, this time its been invaluable in helping me figure out whats going on. And, that in turn has helped me avoid unneccessary trips to dermatologists, ENTs, etc. and the various tests n procedures they often employ in trying to help identify and resolve boils or abscess type lesions, along w swelling, etc., that appear on people's faces and or necks.)
   All that said, I am definitely not a medical or dental expert, and of course, I echo the standard caveat we always here on the net: get thee to a doctor and only take guidance from them! However, that doesn't fully help us in these situations bc its especially hard to know what expert to see when its swelling, a boil, lesion, etc. on the face, chin, jaw, neck etc! And, who has the time to visit several docs with fingers crossed its the right one?!!!
   Im simply passing along the one key point that all the medical articles, case studies, research papers, etc. I came across had in common: When a person has something like swelling or a lesion between neck and eyebrows, get an urgent visit with a good dentist ASAP and have them take a look, WITH at least an xray, and ideally one of those panoramic x-rays if possible.
   That said, one caveat is: unless you have what appears to be a swollen lump visible on your collarbone area or thyroid area: In that case, go directly to an ENT ASAP, and/or visit an ER or URGENT CARE or some kind of emergency medical clinic ASAP meantime (eg if you cant get into an ENT very soon). Lumps and swellings from about midway down the neck, downward, generally are too far to be of a dental origin (though I did find some cases where dental infection did drain that far down before coming out of the neck as an adbscess or boil). And, lumpd and swelings in that area can be of a dangerous, more systemic nature, and need CT scan or MRI or biopsy etc. by medical doctors urgently for best chance at resolution. (doesnt sound like your boils or related issues are a concern here, but it was such an important caveat noted throughout my research that I didnt want to preclude it in sharing key points I discovered.)

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