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rash on lips and general itchyness

A few days ago my face started itching, mainly my forehead, behind the ears around my mouth and chin, etc. There wasn't much of a rash, just itching. Then it moved to my genitals where there was some redness, but no bumps or anything that I could see. It just itched. Now I've noticed what might be small little bumps on the surface of my lips and when I pucker my lips there's some wetness or oozing, perhaps.  Just clear fluid. My scalp at the back of my head itches all the way down to the sides of my neck. My earlobes are a little red and swollen, but aside from that there really isn't any physical sign of rash aside from the itching.

I recently had protected intercourse, but unprotected oral sex with a girlfriend and I'm hoping this isn't herpes. She certainly wasn't showing any symptoms. I've never seen herpes blisters before, so I can't tell if that's what they are. There's defintiely a "tightness" the whole way around the outside of my lips. Does herpes ever have an itchy rash accompany it on other parts of the body? This all pretty much appeared at the same time. Maybe 4 days after the encounter.

I've also been working in a woodshop, around a lot of dust and have been using a wood oil to finish some of the pieces. I haven't been wearing gloves and noticed last night that it has skin irritant warnings for aliphatic hydrocarbons. So I wonder if maybe this could be some sort of chemical reaction to that oil.

I can't get in to see a doctor till Monday and this is weighing heavily on my mind.
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Hi,it does sound like herpes.You don't need to touch them with your bare fingers,and you don't need to pick at them.When you eat,use caution of the food not touching your lips.If you are going to have intercourde and oral sex,wera a condom,and cut a square out of an unused condom to place over her genitals,to protect your self,from a disease she might have with out knowing.If there is a clinic in your area,go to it tomorrow for some treatment,this should not be left untreated till Monday,it needs to be treated now.Take Care.
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If I had to bet, I would bet it is not herpes.  (I am not a doctor, but am well-acquainted with herpes.)  A reaction to the resin etc. being released or chemicals being used in the woodworking process sounds more likely.  Follow precautions but please do not freak out; just wait until the doctor looks at it and give it time.  Believe me, I know that is easier said than done, but with time your worst fears are usually put to rest.
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yesterday i felt  itchy around the creases of my mouth and noticed there were small bumps that look like blisters what could it be ?
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note the jast time i had sex was a month ago but 6 days ago i did drink from the same cup of a friend at work.
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