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seborrheic Dermatitis getting worse, spreading all over my body

A few years ago I had a bad outbreak of Dermititis on my face and with a prescribed antifungal cream this cleared up super quickly.

A few month ago I noticed my scalp being super itchy and I had dandruff, I then notices a couple of small dry itchy patches of skin on my back and upper legs. So I used the cream (Daktacort) on these patches and uses the medicated shampoo.

As I work in Dance/Fitness my job requires me to sweat a lot usually 4/5 times a week. 8 weeks ago I began to notice more and more patches and I would start waking up a night with severe itching. After returning to the doctors and going on a course of anti biotics, trying different moisturisers the skin just seems to be worsening. My back now seems to flare up every day and now my whole chest and stomache.

It goes really red and patchy and itches so much, my legs are cut and patchy from where I can't help but scratch in my sleep. Most nights I am awake for about an hour as I re cream my body and wait for the itching to pass.

I have tried salts in my bath, I only wash my skin with the prescribed moisturisers, I eat healthy and maintain a healthy life style. I have always suffered with eczema.

I now have a dry rash type thing all over my upper body. If I nap on my stomache in my clothes and get slightly warm it really aggravates my skin and it comes up in burning red patches.

I really don't know what else to try or do! I have spent the last 2 years on and off in a hot country and was often sunbathing and in the sea and my skin was perfect. It's my first winter in the cold in 2 years and my skin seems to be freaking out.

I am currently moisterizing my body 2/3 times a day, and applying the anti fungal cream twice a day or when itching happens. I am also on another course of anti biotics but I just can't work out a pattern as to why it flares up really bad some nights and less other nights. Either way I am being woken up by itching!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I havnt slept through a whole night in about 7 weeks now!

Many Thanks!
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