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skin peeling off fingers

After going fishing, once again the skin on my fingers are peeling.  It never happens to anyone Im with. And it always happens after using shrimp as bait.  It starts by being really sore the next day and then the pain disappears after a day or so.  Then about a week later the skin on my fingers starts to peel off. Weird!  I never really thought much about it but it has happened since I can remember. Im thinking maybe an allergy to shrimp? I always wash my hands afterwards so I dont know.Just wondering if anyone has any idea what this is?
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it sounds like a contact allergy to me. you can't wash it away. wear gloves the next time before handling the shrimp
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thank you very much, i was a little worried. Should I be concerned about eating shrimp? Not that I ever do, Im not a big fan of sea food.
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i would probably not eat them. you can go into a dermatologist for an allergy test and ask to check you for shellfish/iodine allergies
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This may or may not be some sort of Allergy.  I don't think it is.  The same thing happens to me and Everyone I know...and we do not use shrimp.  This happens whenever I touch fish from the gulf of Mexico.  I grew up on the west coast and NEVER had this problem with fish in the Pacific Ocean.  Since moving to Florida it's EVERY time I touch fish.  My whole hand peels.  One to two weeks after contact.  It is very frustrating!!!
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I fish strictly fresh water in the midwest.  I have had this condition for years.  About a week after fishing my hands crack, peel, get raw and it is just plain painful.  I have been to many dermatologists over the course of the last 25 years or so and nobody can figure out how to stop it or at least ease the pain.  I guess the only cure would be abstinence, but being and avid fisherman and raising my two boys to love fishing, that is out of the question.  I live in the greater Chicago area and was invited by one of my dermatologist to visit Northwestern Univ. med school to discuss my condition.  After feeling like a freak in a circus side show and being asked the same questions over and over by a plethora of doctors and med. students and no resolution, I got up and left.  There doesn't seem to be any explanation or cure, but if anybody has any insight or ideas into this condition, please share them, it might benefit all of us who suffer from this condition.  I was just fishing 10 days ago and am in the height of peeling cracking and pain!!
Hi there . Was looking through these threads bc I've been having these issues for years and its driving me crazy. I work a physical job with my hands and the pain is insane . Shortly after fishing hands swell and get red . Followed my skin pealing and then raw cracked hands that hurt to touch everything.  In these last few years have u found anything that works ? Thanks
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I always have this condition one week after leaving the Ocean beach after fishing I'm glade I'm not the only one
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