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How can you cure gestational diabetes?

Hello all. I'm new here and have a question.

My daughter Laura is diagnosed with gestational diabetes. She's currently on medications, but cannot lower blood sugar in the mornings. I'm afraid she will get type 2 diabetes.
What is the best way (and natural, of course) to treat gestational diabetes?
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The doctor should be monitoring her numbers closely.  Are they not?  I would have her touch base with them and see her morning readings.  If diet and nutritional changes, maintaining a healthy weight and getting moderate exercise do not help, she may need insulin.  It's important that she is treated in the way the doctors recommend and she doesn't try to 'go it alone' with at home or natural therapy.  Natural is great but gestational diabetes needs treatment if not controlled through diet.  good luck
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Gestational diabetes typically resolves once the pregnancy is completed.   Management of diet (lower carb) and medications (insulin) will be used, as necessary to keep sugars as close to normal as possible.

Having gestational diabetes can make women more likely to have either type 1 or type 2 diabetes.  Thus, it will be very important that your daughter has her sugar levels monitored soon after she delivers her baby and then every 3 - 6 months thereafter to be sure that levels are all staying normal.  
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If you have gestational diabetes, your risk of heart disease will increases. Therefore, you must control the cholesterol, triglyceride levels and blood pressure by taking some necessary precautions. For example, avoid ghee, fried foods, cakes & pastries,  red/processed meats, butter, extra/added salts etc.
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Low carb. Not eating after a certain time frame.or if she does eat, eat something like eggs..  switch to almond milk as well
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