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I have a question, what is the best meals that is working out for you guys, breakfast,snack lunch n dinner, I haven't found myself a great meal plan, n I need help.
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there are some great online keto groups and low carb / paleo groups / pages for meal ideas.

I don't typically snack.

Breakfast would be eggs done somehow, with either veges, cheese, or meat.  I am partial to a good sausage occasionally.  Usually washed down with coffee with cream.  

Lunch and dinner are typically meat and veges of some sort.

I do make low carb breads (look up cloud bread or psillium bread for starters), and these are great with cheese, salad, salami, etc.

Nuts, vegetable sticks with cheese or salsa dips, dried meat, cold cuts, can all be great for snacks.   Unflavoured greek yoghurt with some nuts / berries.  

Hope this helps give you some ideas.  
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For breakfast I would typically do bacon and eggs- if I'm still hungry, maybe a whole wheat piece of toast, but I limit that to one.

Snacks I would mix up with these options- nuts, cottage cheese, yogurt (light n fit- no sugar), string cheese, SF pudding, carrots, or popcorn.

Lunch, I usually would have a salad with meat in it, like chicken.  

Dinner- a serving of meat, like chicken, beef, or whatever I am having that day- then I would have a side of veggies and maybe a small portion of bread.  

I made sure to have a snack in between each meal and before bed.  
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