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Type 1 diabetes for my fiance

Hello, My fiance (to be) has Type 1 diabetes.  she told at our first meet itself that she has Type 1 diabetes and want to insulin daily lifelong.

My question here is, What would be the complexity during pregnancy & delivery ?

Will that gene replicate in baby ?

Is this a serious issue?

Whether i can proceed further or say no to this girl ?

Thanks for your answers in advance!
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I'm confused. You feel like her being type 1 is a hindrance to continuing the relationship because it is too much of a burden? I mean, that's your choice and the reason why we date is to judge if we want to continue on to the next stage in a relationship. Not everyone is a match nor do we have to stay with them. We're allowed to break up with those we have reservations about.

But Type 1 diabetes when controlled does not have to hinder one's life. I have three friends that I'm close to that are all type 1 diabetes. None of them know each other and all I met as a mom with my own kids that are their kids friends. They manage their own diabetes with no issue. They do use insulin and monitor their blood sugar. Two have children that do not have diabetes and are now in late teens (so type one which is considered juvenile diabetes usually shows by now) and one does have one of her three kids also diabetic.

Your girlfriend is not flawed because she has diabetes!  Does she manage it? Is she a responsible person to her health? Honestly, my diabetic friends eat properly, exercise, take good care of themselves. Is it a chronic illness they must attend to? Yes. Is it reason for you not to be in a relationship with them? That's up to you.

As to pregnancy and deliver, if her diabetes is controlled, it is typically not an issue during pregnancy. She'll likely need more insulin that she does otherwise during pregnancy but her doctor will help her manage that and I'm sure she is monitoring. Type 1 diabetes is NOT gestational diabetes, keep that in mind. They will likely monitor her closely and instruct her how to self monitor so she can keep her blood glucose under control especially during the last third of pregnancy. She'll also have a regular delivery, waiting like all women for it to start on its own if her blood glucose is controlled. If she's having issues with that, they will induce her.  Lots of women are induced for many reasons when pregnant. Still birth and complications for pregnancy that glucose is well controlled is very low.
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