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Advice me about the Type 2 diabetes and marraige

My parents are lot concerned about type 2 diabetes (cause of heredity) of my boyfriend.
His Blood sugar level is completely under control for past 12 months. He developed diabetes only during 2006- Less then 14 months! Only during first two months it was high.Now its under control!

My parents are worried and concerned about our marriage. Looks like they are unhappy, feared about the complications, Child birth and may reject the proposal. Recently, a doctor advised my family on marrying a diabetic. She has insisted on my boyfriend developing complication in future , may be within 10 years and he is only 22 now. Her talk was so scary that she insisted on the partners sacrifices for the diabetic and health risks and also lesser life span Because of this, my parents are not willing to go ahead in this wedding talks. I'm totally upset and worried. More than anything, I'm worried on his healthy life and future. He is not on insulin but on medication that too not heavy. Is there high risk factors in Type 2 ?

I will be happy to see the posts on the positives of life. Also, I would like to know the complications, child birth, chances of child/Spouse developing diabetes, precautions, preventions and so on... Please help!

My heart goes out for all the diabetes affected people. I understand the pain and life you all go through. All you are loved and Blessed Children of the Lord. My prayers will surely touch your happy and healthy life ever. Never leave your hopes. You all will surely succeed!
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I have no idea where to start.  This is soooo backwards that I am not even sure I understand your question.

First if he is under control there is little to worry about.  Diabetics that are well controlled can live totally normal lives with little to no complications especially if it is caught early and controlled correctly.  If he was not under control some of their concerns MIGHT be valid but would only effect his health and not yours.

Let me state imphatically that you can not catch diabetes from him.  Nor can you get diabetes by inheriting it unless it is from a blood relative.  He is not a blood relative to you.  Diabetes is not a sexually transmitted disease so there is a ZERO possibility thaqt he will transmit the disease to you and there are no precaustions or preventions that you need to take to be safe.

In fact it has NOT been proven that diabetes is in fact inherated at all.  Some believe that it is and others believe that it is brought on by life style in some way.

The Dr. that you spoke to has absolutely no idea what they are talking about.  Many diabetics live very long and very good lives and die of natural causes.  If your boyfriend takes care of himself properly chances are very slim that his life will have bad complications or his life spam will be greatly reduced.

You need to educate your self about the realities of Diabetes.  A very good place to start is here and I would also try the web site for the American Diabetes Association.  I believe it is ADA.com.

There is no more chance that your baby will inherit the disease from you than the chance that it will get his hair color or eye color.  Perhaps even less of a chance because it is not proven that it is heritary at all.

If you LOVE this man you need to stand up to your parents and tell them that you ARE marrying him with or without their approval but the you HOPE that you will have their approval.  Love is the most important thing in life and you can not pass it up because someone else tells you to.  If they truely love you they will not forbid your happiness.

If you have any additional questions please post them and we can get back to you.
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Some Good news for you all.

My boyfriends sugar level is well in control as always been. His consumption of tablets is reduced from day and night - 1/2 tablets to just 1/2 a tablet a day. the doctors have promised if the sugar level is well in control, he may stop his medication  after some months. However, he should well controlled on diet and exercise, avoiding sugars and more. How do you see this? Does this seem to be of any reversal of his diabetes?

Diabetes is never the end of life. Its even crazy to think like that. However, still negativity is all around me. I don't know how come the doctors in India have so much negativity about my wedding to my boy friend who is diabetic.They have shocking information to my parents  and also the friends circle of my parents and world can never stop their negativity. They call it reality and facts and uploaded all of those to my parents mind which really worries me. The talks are much scary too. More often, they complain that my decision on choosing the boy is wrong, although I don't feel the same. I don't know where humanity speaks here. Is my decision bad? Cant we live a normal happy life for many years? Is choosing diabetes for marriage is so wrong that will lead to our unhappy life? What is the reality and fact?

Is it true that the diabetes will suffer at least few of the complications even if the blood sugar level is well controlled due to consumption of tablets and side effects due to this after few years?

Hope you could understand what I'm going through.

Please help.
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I just wanted to tell you very quickly that my husband is one of six children, and he's is the only one with diabetes which has come from his father's side, however, it is not necessarily genetic as diabetes is rife where I live due to poor diets and obesity. If your husband has dis diabetes under control there is absolutely nothing stopping him from living completely normally. Ask your parents how they would feel if men rejected you based on something as pathetic as diabetes, your boyfriend can't help having it anymore than you could.
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