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Blood Sugar lowered significantly after I quit smoking

I have been pre-diabetic for 12 years (Metphormin 1000 per day for 6 years), high blood pressure which has always been under control, cholesterol normal, fatty liver, but I quit drinking 12 years ago and liver enzymes are back to normal, I've also lost 35 pounds in the those 12 years. About a year ago I picked up a cigarette and starting smoking again. I only smoke about 1 cigarette a day and out of boredom more than the craving. I quit 2 weeks ago and at that time my BS was averaging 230 per day. My doctor knows this and I have an appointment already scheduled but in the last 2 weeks my average has gone down to 160. I know all I need to do at this point is decrease carbs even further to bring it back to normal levels. The 160 is my first reading after I wake up so it is naturally higher anyway. I didn't think quitting smoking has this effect on BS? Can someone explain it for me?
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There isn't any direct link to not smoking and lower blood sugar results, that I am aware of.  In fact, most of the time, they believe that if you quit- you likely will develop type 2 because you are more likely to gain weight.

That said, you have made a lot of changes for your health- and my guess is, you are seeing the results from a combination of them.  Keep working on lower those blood sugar numbers- you have made a lot of progress!

Your fasting sugars can also be brought down by watching your carbs- a good 'trick' is to make sure you have a really good 'protein' snack before you head to bed- that should help your fasting sugars stabilize a bit.  
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