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Diabetes w PTSD weight loss programs

I have Type II Diabetes, which went untreated for about 3 years, so Ive gained about 45lbs over that time period.  I take both Metformin and Glipizide for the diabetes.  Here is my problem.  With all my meds I have zero appetite and eat maybe once/twice a day  and small meals at that.  With my PTSD I am unable to go outside the home for excercise without having panic attacks followed by seizures.  Does anyone know of a diet or excercise program  that I can do at home without killing myself in the process?
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For foods and recipes and weight loss see this

For indoor exercises see this
You can also do yoga or pilates too
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Thank you for the links..they had some great ideas for excercises that I can do inside!  I did the crawling on the floor one, and made a game out of it with the kids, so they could laugh with me instead of at me, lol.  Unfortunately it's not that I need to diet, I need to eat more.  I'm only eating once a day, since my meds create a lack of appetite.  I need to figure out a way to increase my food intake, or maybe some snacks that are diabetes friendly that I can snack on throughout the day to increase my metabolism.
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I understand the no hunger feeling from meds as I have had those in the past. I eat 5-6 meals a day, munching on vegies, half-sandwiches, granola, leftovers, etc. I love to cook so I challenge myself to whip up something small and deelish not so much for hungers sake, but knowing that I need to fuel my body for energy. Once you push past the mental block you will regain your appetite - well, I did after a couple of months. I suggest you talk with a diabetic nutritionist to work on meal plans that best suit your lifestyle. Your doctor may have a referral or contact your local hospital as most have one on staff. Good luck

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