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Do I have diabetes?

I have a really strong body odor smiling like bleach or acetone. People can smell me  from distance, so I can't even go in public. I have all the symptoms of low blood sugar. I did glucose test and it's always in the 70-90 range.
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It doesn't sound like you do. Your blood glucose levels are too low.


Have you had any other testing done? How are your kidneys functioning?
I did and is good , i forgot to mention my urine smell strong  too and also my poop like some kind of acetone.  Good doctors are extremely rare in my country so far I didn't find one who can help me
Smelling like acetone is a common symptom of diabetes. Ask them to do an A1C test. Were you fasting when you had your blood sugar tests done? Also, ask them to test your ketones. Don't wait on this.

Keep us posted.
I did the ketones test , thyroid,  liver , kidney they all fine I was to some gesterology doctors and they don't know what cause the smell I've also been to a dermatologist and still nothing I lost all my hope
Can they smell you? Do people around you smell the acetone smell, or are you the only one that smells it?

I ask because actually smelling like that is one issue, and smelling things that aren't actually there is something else. That's called phantosmia.



Is there anyone you can ask that will tell you the truth? It's a really important distinction to make, because phantosmia is either a nose issue or a neurological one.
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