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Hello al! I have type II diabtetes rash problem

Hello al! I have type II diabetes, which I see a doctor for. I no longer need meds for this, as I keep my diet in check & exercise daily. My blood sugar levels are within normal range now. My problem: I have a painful rash on my buttocks {butt crack actually LOL}  for about 2 months & my doc sent me to a dermatologist. He recommended beta/clom ointment & I have used it every day after thorough cleansing....as well as alternating with triple antibiotic cream. The only difference I can think of is that my doc switched me from Lyrica for my neuropathy tp Gabapentin. I don't know if the Gabapentin is making it worse. Can anyone recommend anything for this rash to go away? A nurse told me about hypobaric oxygen therapy if the sores become worse/open & to check a wound care facility. ANY help would be very much appreciated
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Let me just say that it is AWESOME you are controlling your diabetes.  And you don't need meds anymore?  What else do you do to control it?  Did you lose weight and all that good stuff?

I looked up the side effect profile of Gabapentin and it indeed can be associated with skin changes like you mention.  https://www.mayoclinic.org/drugs-supplements/gabapentin-oral-route/side-effects/drg-20064011.  It does not appear to be very common though.  And the issues by the butt (how inconvenient!) can be due to other reasons too.  Is the stuff the dermatologist recommended to help working?
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Lost 80 lbs. & exercise daily. Also 10,000 steps each day. I read about the reactions to Gabapentin as well. The cortisone works a little bit...
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Hello and congrats on controlling your diabetes! I'm guessing you're recently diagnosed perhaps, but great job either way! For your rash, get your dermo to prescribe Betamethosone Dipropionate cream by Fougera. Best rash fighting cream I've ever used, has cured all my rash's.
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Congratulations on weight loss. I originally lost 40 pounds. Also, thanks for the tip on the rash cream goldchain.
Hi readingDiva.  How di dyou lose your weight if I may ask!
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