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How can I eliminate insulin resistance

Hi there,
Since 5 Years im having high triglycerides and cholestol.Some time it is getting with in the limit by medication or diet or herbal medicines.arround 4 years ive been diagnozed with fatty liver and Initially SGPT has gone up to 160 after getting the cholestrol control tablet(lopid)it has come down up to 80 and again come down to 32 by the help of udiliver (URSOCOL300 mg)tablet and syllimarin.Arround two month back Ive stopped taking cholestrol control tabs as my HDL gone up to 42 from 38 and Total has come down to 176 and LDL 102,Tryglizerides is 226, and SGOT is25,SGPT 35.My FBS is 88 and PP is 104.
Doctor has advised me to take only ezetrol to control tryglizerides.Also advised to test the IR.found during fasting is 9.82 and pp meal is116.3 uIU/mL.He asked me to take glucophage (metformin 500 mg once in a day).Is it the right medcine for me?Im ready to do any exercise and diet control.Kindly advise what i should not eat?
Is it this is due to Fattyliver?I checked My glucose level is always normal.
How can i go about from this condition.?

Please help


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metformin lowers insulin resistance, so does exercise and weight loss.

500mg is the smallest does you can get, max does is ~2450 mg

so you have room to increase the metformin
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"Kindly advise what i should not eat?"

This is from an old post, provides a direction you need to follow.

Changing lifestyle habits can go a long way in controlling type 2 diabetes. Restrict & avoid refined sugars, practice and adhere to weight control, do some sort of exercise 60 minutes daily, practice stress management, and get adequate sleep. These are all important in managing this illness, the most important, along with proper nutrition, is physical activity.

Besides watching sugar in your diet-- you also need to watch carbohydrates (starches) carefully too. For example-- things like breads, potatoes, pasta, crackers, etc. can cause a drastic rise in your blood sugar if you aren't careful. (They are converted to sugar after you eat them.) Other foods/drinks need care too (example; milk, fruit, fruit juice) can also cause blood sugar to rise (so serving sizes and moderation are important). With fruit it’s important to eat them with other foods to slow the absorption of fructose (fruit sugar). I'm NOT saying that these foods aren't allowed. What I AM saying is that you need to use care and follow the guidelines for diabetics.

If you have an Endocrinologist, a diabetes doctor, or a diabetes nurse, or a nutritionist they can help you a lot with nutritional guidelines. (Serving sizes, and how many servings of each type food that's safe for you.) Good luck -
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Thanks for the reply.

Can we avoid taking metformin or metformin will give any side effects.
I'm bit scared on taking medicines.
Is it insulin resistance can be cured?
Also can I have your comment by varifying my past history?
Appreciate your support.
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Hi there
Many thanks for your reply
Could you please tell me how this insulin resistance occures?
Is it some cell blockages
How we can get away from this?

Im just 65 KG further with 5.6 ft height.Age is 36.
Im totally confused .How i will serve my life
My Blood sugar from long is just 90 on fasting and 118 on After 2 hrs of food.
Is it i should take met formin?
Please help.
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"Could you please tell me how this insulin resistance occures?"
A Google search found these pages http://tinyurl.com/insulin-resitance-occurs

"How we can get away from this?"
A Google search found these pages on prevention http://tinyurl.com/prevent-insulin-resistance
Also, REREAD and understand my previous post

Read and understand these pages on diabetes prevention

Take the time to educate yourself on diabetes and diabetes prevention. At this time you do not need medication but eventually will if you continue with your current lifestyle. Make the necessary adjustments now before it's too late. Good luck -
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Thank you for your support.
After a lot of serach , I could not find the reasons for insulin rsistance  
Will try to find out.
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