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Remedy, Suggestions for frequent Eye ache, swelling in Type 2 diabetes

Hi my father is 53 and he is suffering from type 2 diabetes. He is having diabetes from more than 10 years.
From past few months he is having eye aches , slight swelling under the eyes and eyes have become slightly red. Some times the pain is very high. Please suggest what to do in this case? Is this a very serious problem? What are the remedies and what should be avoided?

As we live in a small town where the medical facilities are not good and i doubt the diabetes center where he goes is not efficient as seeing the recent symptoms. Please help, your advice will be of great help to us.
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He may have a problem entirely unrelated to diabetes.  Eye pain, swelling, and redness needs very, very prompt attention from an eye doctor.  

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To add to peekawho, make an appointment with an Opthamologist, not an Optometrist. The former deals with the anatomy, functions, pathology, and treatment of the eye.
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It can be hard to get immediately in to see an opthalmologist, which is why I simply said eye doctor.  If the poster can get in immediately, an optometrist can also quickly discern if there is an eye-related emergency going on, and can get you referred very quickly to an opthalmologist, if need be.

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"It can be hard to get immediately in to see an opthalmologist"

Lest not assume. Not in my area, not with my HMO. I can see an Opthamologist as easily and as quickly as an Optometrist. If Opthamologist' in his father's area are referral only, a visit to the emergency room would expedite matters, but then, that would depend on the area and/or country.
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